Christmas 2016

As I was addressing Christmas cards this year I was laughing at my younger self.

At how I would coordinate every piece of the process: the photo session at a studio, the card design itself, a special sharpie to sign the cards with (one year was all silvers and blues), holiday stamps that matched the theme, return address labels which coordinated with everything else, a special little note pad I could use to add a personal note, and even little coordinating seals to put over the envelope flaps.

This is not that year. My return address labels have only my name (and “The Big Green Pen”); the stamps were a mixture — some happened to be holiday stamps; others were generic. I did use a green pen to address them with (that was a no-brainer). But in no way was this year’s effort the coordinated, expensive, meticulous equivalent of years past.

I suppose in my progression from perfectionist to realist there is an allegory for life itself.

I just know I am grateful for this gift of family, imperfections and all.

Christmas 2016

I am also grateful for those of you who have read my blog, commented, shared, and encouraged me, whether you have been with me since 2009, are just reading me for the first time, or something in between. Looking forward to a perspicacious 2017!

10 thoughts on “Christmas 2016

    • Thanks! The last few years have been hit or miss for us and cards. The funny thing about this picture is ……. there WAS an “official” photographer who does beautiful work ….. and we planned to have them do a picture at the reception (which was that evening) but this was a somewhat spontaneous iPhone picture taken right after the wedding when the lighting was pretty and we had a spare moment. I am so glad it turned out this way (because the “official” photographer ended up not being able to fit us in. We have a BIG extended family!!).

    • Ha! I am such a fan of snail mail. Honestly I did better when I had an old fashioned paper address book. A few computer switches and my address database has gotten away from me! This year’s receipt list was somewhat spontaneous (i.e., if I got a card from you, I was grateful to have your address in front of me and you probably got a card!).

  1. Great family picture! Just sending cards these days is a big effort and in my experience I am thrilled to receive any cards! It is like tearing open the gift wrap to get at the gift. I don’t even look at the stamp or the ink or the return address, I just want to know who is thoughtful enough to send me a card!

    • Right? I definitely was over the top perfectionist in those past years. It is funny though — I mailed some of my cards during my trip to NYC and my niece in South Carolina said “we were so confused by the New York City postmark.” I guess some people do still look at the micro level!

    • So great to hear from you, Joe! And yes we could all use a bit of perspicacity in 2017. (But did you see I changed the main name of the blog to Big Green Pen? Too many years of “I don’t get it” led me to believe I really should pay attention to the feedback I was getting. But I am still very very very pro-perspicacity!!) Happy New Year!

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