On The Hunt With #RunChat

rc spelled out

Those fun, creative minds at #RunChat dreamed up a scavenger hunt for the running community (and they added prizes as a bonus). (The above graphic was one of the items: “find the letters to spell out ‘#Runchat.'”) My other “finds” are below!

RC Sticker Framed

RC Bridge Framed

rc hill framed

rc santa framed

rc historical framed

rc welcome framed

rc water framed

rc marker framed

rc fave framed

I also shared a vine about my favorite place to run, on a morning when the moon was setting to the west as the sun was rising in the east. It was lovely.

Thank you, #RunChat, for a fun scavenger hunt. I’m still sad that roadkill didn’t make the list, but there’s always next time!

runchat logo


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