I Want You To Come For Me (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

This week, Mama Kat gave us, as one of the weekly writing prompt options, the choice to “write a love letter to the object of your affection.” Here’s mine.


I have wanted you for years.

And yet I have not managed to get you to come.

At first I was nice about it, but now I am getting impatient.

I wake up before the sun rises, looking for the key to making you come.

My pulse rate accelerates, my heart pumping faster and faster.

I breathe hard.

I break a sweat.

And then I sweat some more.

If it’s cold out, I don’t even feel the bracing air because I heat up so fast.

I fall asleep dreaming of you.

I tell people it’s going to happen.

I hope you will come, and I won’t keep it a secret when you do.

I fantasize about what will happen when you come.

Why does it take so long?

So many times, I get together with you. Things start off strong.

I think, this will be the day.

I think about you everywhere I go, on roads, on trails, on beaches, in my dreams, even in hotels in strange cities.

I look for you everywhere.

And yet you don’t come.

I know you can come.

I have seen you come for men, women, people much older than me, and children.

I’m pretty sure you have come for babies in strollers and even a dog or two.

I see them all, chilling out with their bottled waters and their bananas, basking in the afterglow, knowing that you came for them.

But not me. I am still chasing you.

This past Saturday, you came for 261 of them in a row.

But not for me.

When, oh when will you finally come to me, finish time of 29:59 or less for a 5K run?

Once you do come, I’ll want to do it again and again.

After a bottled water and a banana.



Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net/Somchai Som

Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net/Somchai Som

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