Wordless Wednesday (#StyleMeMarch – Week Three Edition)

Week Three of the “#StyleMeMarch” challenge from Hilary Rushford of the Bow Ties and Bettys Style Blog is behind me, “sexy” and all.

As a reminder, here’s each day’s theme:

Week three started last Wednesday with “one of my oldest pieces” day. No problem. There’s plenty of old stuff in my closet! But I had the unusual combination of a field trip with my son and a business meeting that day. I bought this jacket at Macy’s in New York City, in 1991.

Lunch in the Capitol Courtyard
(It’s a miracle that my son was wearing a polo, but that’s a subject for a different post!)
Then followed what I consider one of the toughest challenges of #StyleMeMarch: “sexy” day.
This dress may not scream “sexy,” but I feel good in it, and we all know feeling good in something is one of the keys to feeling sexy, right?
With “sexy” out of the way (phew!), I faced the challenge of “top knot hair” day. Top knot? With this inch of hair?! Fortunately, I had a hair appointment with Bonnie at Polished Effects that day. Bonnie has been doing my hair for a really long time, probably about fifteen years, so she always gives me “top ‘knot’ch” hair.
I scheduled the haircut and style to coincide with “top knot” hair day but also with a day when I was going to see my friend Fred, who I haven’t seen in over thirty years. He and his wife Marsha were at Disney celebrating their wedding anniversary, so we had a gathering of people from high school to celebrate.
Happy anniversary, Fred and Marsha!
And of course the irony is that I was happy to have a good hair day when I was seeing people I had not seen since the days of big hair and acne, but they are the kind of friends who really don’t care about the hair; it was a gift just to be together.
After “top knot hair” day, it was o’sequins or o’sparkle day for St. Patrick’s. Since I was traveling and didn’t have super-big plans, I was stumped a little. I originally went with these green earrings (bought at the City Market in Charleston), thinking we wouldn’t be going anywhere that would be dressy at all:

But our dinner outing ended up necessitating a step up from my denim crop pants so I was able to slip into the sparkly green shirt I had packed.

On Sunday, I had a 4.5 hour drive ahead of me to return from Palm Coast to Tallahassee, so comfort was key. Good thing it was “cozy” day!

I bought these black pants last summer when Tenley were preparing to go to Guatemala and ended up wearing them home on the plane. Turns out they are good traveling pants. The shirt is made of a super soft cotton and carries great memories of my run last September on Roosevelt Island for Women for Women International.

This pillow in the room where I was sleeping would not be denied being featured for cozy day. Fluffy = Cozy.

On Monday, I wondered what to do for “black and white” day. Most of the options involved a lot of black with highlights of white, but I experimented with an off-white dress, the black belt from Week Two, and a black jacket. It turned out really nicely!!
Last but not least, today was “colored eye shadow” day. I kept thinking of a friend from my Fordham days (late 80’s) always saying, “you were wearing blue eye shadow when you interviewed.” I always argued that it was actually silver maybe that wasn’t that much better!
I went with purple today (a departure from my usual neutrals), and followed all the little directions on the package – where to put the “allover lid,” where to put the contour, the crease, and the highlight.

 I was pretty pleased with the end result (and it wasn’t 80’s blue!):

Next up: “So ‘my city'” day. Cue the Marching Chiefs for that one:

It’s not too late to join! For a cool summary of #StyleMeMarch up till now, check out this blog.
And then take a peek in your closet with a fresh eye; you may be surprised what you’ll find!

Running on a Small Island for a Big Cause

It is Sunday, and it’s time to blog, but I am out of town, in my favorite city of all, New York (and Connecticut). I have pre-written a substantial part of this blog and will add in pictures from the run I am participating in on September 24. That’s the plan anyway.


I ran on Roosevelt Island on September 24. I had read another runner’s blog about running the perimeter of Roosevelt Island a long time ago and thought, “what a great idea!”. So when I began planning this brief visit to the NYC area, I looked for a run and hit the bonanza – a 5K on Roosevelt Island that benefits a great cause — the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where, since 1998, 5.4 million people have died and Congolese women have lived through rape, torture and dire poverty. Prior to the race, the organizers told us that an average of 48 women per hour are raped in the Congo.

Some pictures:

The education component of the run included this sign promoting the Women for Women International sponsorship program.

This poster describes a 1 mile run done by Congolese women in 2010.

This is the first race I have ever been in that was led by a Segway!!

Photo Credit: Mary Jane Reilly

According to the Women for Women website:

Since its creation, Women for Women International has given hope to more than 299,000 women survivors of war and conflict and helped them move toward economic self-sufficiency with our year-long program of direct aid, rights education, job skills training, and small business development. We have distributed $95 million in direct aid, microcredit loans, and other program services. Since 1993, Women for Women International has mobilized more than 250,000 women and men in 130 countries worldwide to reach out and support women survivors of war – one woman at a time.

I am grateful to have been a part of “one woman at a time,” running for fun and sport in support of women who must run for their lives, literally and figuratively, on a daily basis.