Want to be hired? Be proudly yourself!

Holley Curry, owner of M&M Monogramming and More, spent a few hours recently reviewing resumes from prospective college-age employees and interns.

Holley legitimately knows what it takes to get hired, since she’s the one who does the hiring! I’ve known Holley for a long time, since before she owned the business. I appreciate her practical take on things and her willingness to be direct. If you have a college student in your life (or if you are a college student), take these words to heart.

This message was written by Holley with the header “MOMS OF GIRLS.” Although the message was originally intended for college girls, I think they apply to a larger audience. Dads of girls need to know this. Brothers/friends/aunts/uncles — anyone who is in a position to encourage a college student.

Here’s what Holley said after those hours reviewing resumes:

MOMS OF GIRLS – I sifted through intern and job resumes for about 2 hours today and one thing was overwhelmingly clear.

The boys had literally listed every.single.positive thing they had ever done. I read things like “made life easier for my boss” and “interests include ‘persuasion’ and ‘competitive video games.’”

I laughed. They stood out. I learned a little about who they really are.

In stark contrast, the girls’ resumes were humble and understated. [Their accomplishments were] blatantly downplayed with phrases like “led with the help and support of others” or “accomplished this with the guidance of so and so.”

I read somewhere once that men go for jobs when they are only 60% qualified and women only when they are 100% qualified. (Ed. note — there are various interpretations of this figure, made popular by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In — here’s one article about it.)

I’m not even sure these guys really knew that they were applying to help pick out thread colors and fonts while giving advice on pillow shams and bath towels.

Did that stop them?


Did they go all out?


Why didn’t the girls? Why are they trying to play it safe?

I couldn’t help but wonder … are they afraid of not fitting the ideal mold they think the employer has in their head? Who cares? Why would you want a job if it isn’t right for you anyway?

Just a little food for thought if your daughter is applying for jobs. It’s not like the good ole’ days anymore.

I obviously can’t speak for every employer, but I want to feel like I’m getting a glimpse of someone on paper, not just what someone thinks I want to read.

Tell your girls it’s ok to stand out.

Laughter in a resume is not a bad thing. It’s ok to say you are awesome and you’ve done big things (or even small things) all on your own.

And it’s ok if they don’t get the job.

If they are true to themselves, and their potential employers – they won’t get just any job. They’ll get the RIGHT one. ✌️


Thank you, Holley, for these words of wisdom.

If you’re here in Tallahassee, visit M&M Monogramming and More at 2030 Thomasville Road, Suite #1. Their phone number is 850-514-3148 and their email address is mmmonogramming@comcast.net.

If you’re NOT in Tallahassee, visit their site and take advantage of the fact that they ship.

To close out this post, here’s one of their T-shirts, and I think it reflects Holley’s message very well.

Want to be hired? Be proudly yourself!

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