Five Minute Friday: REPEAT

Five Minute Friday Repeat

Today’s Prompt: REPEAT

I often stream CNN while I am sitting at my desk. Because I am watching the streamed version, they handle the commercial breaks differently. Often, they repeat the same commercial over and over again, three or four times.

I could tune it out (maybe), but it gets on my nerves. During election season, it has gotten on my nerves because they play a commercial for the opponent of the candidate for whom I plan to vote, and once is MORE than enough. Three times in a row puts me over the edge.

My observation: I am living with it (and complaining about it) rather than doing something. I have so many options: stream something else, listen to the radio instead, work in silence (honestly that one isn’t so appealing, but….). Yet I just harrumph through the break and wish the program would begin again.

Allowing the negative (or what is negative for us) to repeat when there are other options is a pattern that is far too easy to fall into.

A round of annoying political commercials is one thing (and those should be over in five days, blessedly), but are there other things in your life that are repeating, sucking your energy and joy as you endure them?

I have a small suggestion/challenge for the day: don’t be passive in the face of the negative repeat. Change the “channel.”

Five Minute Friday

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: REPEAT

  1. Hi Pam, this is so true. When we find something negatively impacting us, we are not powerless to change. We need to be intentional as this is the way in which we can protect our joy. I think this is my first time here so may I say, “Nice to meet you!” Blessings!

  2. You and I were on the same “channel” today only I wrote “sing a new song”! I’m afraid I try and stay away from the news as much as possible. I know I’m like an ostrich with my head in the sand, but I’m a happy ostrich because I don’t have to listen to all that arguing! Loved your post! And I’m working at changing my channel! Cindy

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