December 2015 #RunChatHunt

You know what #RunChatHunt does?

It gets under your skin and into your head … permanently … that’s what!

Even though this item was several RunChatHunts ago, I don’t ever pass the pay phone at Tom Brown Park without thinking of RunChatHunt. The same is true for road kill, but I don’t think I am ever supposed to talk about road kill again or I may get kicked out of future hunts!

This year’s list was fun! The most challenging item (to me) was the leftover Halloween decorations.

Running Scavenger Hunt

The goal is to find the items listed then Tweet them with the #RunChatHunt tag. Each tweet (that complies with the rules of course!) qualifies the participant for a prize. The prize list  this year is one of the most prolific I have ever seen! Visit the link and check them out!

Here are my finds:

Running Scavenger Hunt

The hunt lasts through January 1, 2016, so there’s still time if you want to participate!

In addition, there’s a separate yet equally awesome (and someone easier to pull off) hunt underway on Facebook.  Click here to join.

While it is totally fun hunting for the various scavenger hunt items, I have to say the thing about running that has sustained my year the most has been my running friends. In our town, with these people, you don’t have to “hunt” too far to find the very best. And the prize is in the time, the sweat, and the shared miles.

Enjoying cupcakes after a Christmas Lights Run!

Enjoying cupcakes after a Christmas Lights Run!

6 thoughts on “December 2015 #RunChatHunt

    • Thanks for your comment, Robin! This whole Scavenger Hunt thing could apply to many scenarios. I posted it on LinkedIn suggesting a work scavenger hunt could be fun – serious or silly – but serious could include looking for incidences of professional courtesy, etc.! This has been a great way to bring the #runchat community together. (The organizers would probably exclude the year I lobbied for and got “roadkill” as an item, as mentioned in my blog above!).

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