Florida Prepaid: Expanding Possibilities

“Why are you taking a picture of the BATHROOM?”

I didn’t know my daughter was paying that much attention during a recent hotel stay. I guess she heard the “click” as I grabbed a snap of the bathroom during our recent hotel stay. I am in the habit of taking pictures of hotel rooms as soon as I arrive (before they get messed up) so that I can share them when I review the hotel on Tripadvisor after my stay.

Florida Prepaid: Expanding Possibilities

I go to the extra effort to record the details of my room and eventually share a review, because I know how much it has helped me to read honest reviews of hotels and attractions when I am planning trips.

It kind of works the same way with Florida Prepaid. Because I am benefiting so much from the fact that my parents purchased prepaid contracts for my children when they were newborns, I want to share ways in which the plan has given our family peace of mind as well as the ways the plan has changed and improved since my parents bought plans for my children who are now 16 and 19.

What is Florida Prepaid?

The Florida Legislature created the Florida Prepaid College Program in 1987 to provide Florida families with an affordable means to save for their children’s future college education. The first Florida Prepaid College Plans were sold in 1988, and were augmented with the addition of the Florida 529 Savings Plan in 2002.

My Child is in Middle School — Is It Too Late?

It’s not too late! A Prepaid Plan can be purchased for a child in 11th grade or below! The 2015/16 open enrollment prices were just released. Prices remain extremely affordable, and have been calculated in alignment with the 2014 Florida law that reduces the maximum annual increase of the Tuition Differential Fee to six percent for preeminent State Universities and zero percent for all other State Universities. For details on pricing, please click here.

Florida Prepaid: Expanding Possibilities

The Future is So Unpredictable — Who Can Answer My “What-Ifs”?

The hotel trip that resulted in the “bathroom picture” conversation actually points up all the unpredictability of life with a college student. Little did I know when Tenley enrolled at Valdosta State University in August of 2014 that she would be headed to Orlando in January 2016 to participate in the Disney College Program (this trip was for an audition related to her placement within the program). It is a relief to know that her Florida Prepaid benefits are good for ten years from the time she enrolled in college.

The Florida Prepaid FAQ section has answers to pretty much any question you have. Visit it here or call 1.800.552.GRAD (4723) for help.

Our Family Budget Has So Many Demands — Why Should I Add One More?

To return back to the “bathroom picture” trip, one thing that has struck me as my daughter began driving, and now that my son is driving, is how much more rested I feel when I arrive at my destination when I don’t have the demands of doing all the driving. Similarly, I am thankful every single day that the burden of financing my children’s higher education is lighter because my parents invested in Florida Prepaid and by doing so lifted part of my load.

Having Florida Prepaid for my children makes it so much easier to dream of all the possibilities which lie ahead for them!

Florida Prepaid: Expanding Possibilities

For More Information on Florida Prepaid:

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Phone: call 1.800.552.GRAD (4723)

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This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.

9 thoughts on “Florida Prepaid: Expanding Possibilities

  1. Another reason we always wanted to move to Florida! Darn!! 🙂 My dear friend had both her sons in Florida school. They received good educations and they saved a lot of money. What a great plan.

    • It is a great plan – and it has gotten better (and more flexible) over the years. Thx for your comment!

  2. We have something like this in Ohio. We signed up when the kids were little. Although they both chose private universities where they had gotten scholarships, we were still able to withdraw money from that account.

  3. We had the same kind of program when we lived in KY and it was a life saver. I was in a disabling car wreck a year before my daughter graduated and was no longer able to work. If it hadn’t have been for that program I don’t think we could have afforded to send my daughter to college!

    • Oh my goodness — that accident must have been a life changer to say the least. I am glad you had some peace of mind thx to participating in a prepaid plan.

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