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I have been intrigued for a while with the idea of doing an “Ignite” speech. In an Ignite speech, you are bound to use no more than 20 slides over a 5 minute period, with each lasting 15 seconds. I did my first Ignite attempt at Toastmasters a few weeks ago, and have built on that speech to finalize the video presented here.

I hope you will watch the video. If you are short on time, though, and don’t have five minutes, the point is this: Florida State University, even in the worst of times, has always been about more than one person and certainly about more than one hashtag.

My suggestion for the alternative to #BlameJameis:

Here sons and daughters stand, faithful and true,
Hailing our alma mater, F.S.U.

~ FSU Alma Mater


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  1. Though I’m not an FSU grad, my husband and son are, and I fill many hours attending classes at OLLI at FSU. Am proud to be a life member of the FSU Alumni Association. Thanks for this excellent effort – and thanks for the new hashtag! #praisegarnetandgood

    • Thanks, Rob! The live went okay! It had to be an 8-10 minute speech, so I told the group they were “FSU Ambassadors” and worked the ignite into a reframe of the things they should focus on when introducing newcomers to campus. This ignite thing is always a great exercise — the fastest 15 seconds ever!! Thanks for a great post provided useful tips.

  2. Paula – love this! I think the BJ hashtag is so tacky and is an embarrassment to your Alma mater. The post you made is fascinating and the kind of information FSU should promote! I learned so much.

    • Thanks, Jenn! (I just saw this comment/sorry for the late reply). When I was running the Turkey Trot, I even saw a sign at one of the lovely homes in Southwood that said “Pain is Temporary” #Jameis (and I don’t think that was a #BlameJameis thing I think it was *supposed* to be inspirational (?????)). But I love the fact that there are hundreds of #garnetandgood examples out there … sorry I could only fit 20 into one video! ( ps – I am listening to the Shacochis book now on audio! 🙂 )

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