Wordless Wednesday (Truly Wordless This Time Edition)

Two causes merged today, one that is an annual event and one that, sadly, did not exist 48 hours ago.

Today was the annual “One Day Without Shoes” observance by TOMS to “bring global awareness to children’s health and education by going without shoes.” I did it last year, I did it today, I’ll do it next year and for years into the future.

What I added to my shoeless ensemble today was a “race shirt.” Runners everywhere joined in a movement to wear race shirts or, if office dress codes did not allow t-shirts, blue and yellow (the colors of the Boston Marathon) to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

photo (57)

I love love love my Charity Miles “marathon” shirt but would gladly have left it in the closet today for lack of a reason to wear it………..

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