Remembering Ordinary Moments (A #Reverb10 Post)

It is no coincidence – none – that I loved this #Reverb10 prompt the first time I read it:

Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?
Author:  Brené Brown
And I don’t think it is a coincidence that I saw this sign in the bathroom at SweatTherapy Monday night as I was changing clothes:

And it most certainly can’t be a coincidence that when I asked the Random Number Generator to “assign” me one of 27 #Reverb10 prompt options, that I got this prompt! 

I started thinking about “ordinary moments” that have brought me profound joy in 2010, and although I thought the decision would be difficult, the answer came to me quickly, as long as I could indulge in two examples.

Around and Around
I can’t possibly count how many times I have run the same 1.7 mile loop of Hawk’s Landing Drive in 2010. I can easily sense the stark difference between all of those loops and the four months when I was not running. Because of my crazy schedule, I often run at night.  The sights are a little dull, but the combination of fresh air, solitude, and motion (and the fact that I’ve pretty much got the neighborhood dogs convinced I am okay) have done more for me than mood elevators that would have cost money and time. Even if I am listening to a podcast, music, or a book, it is the one time that my mind is free to wander. My mind needs that. All of me needs that. The joy of outdoor running in the dark. 
“Dad, I Need a Ride to School”
My son usually takes the bus to school. Occasionally, he will ask Wayne (my husband) to take him to school if he needs to be there early for a meeting or other activity. He is not super-organized enough to ask for the ride early or in advance, though. One night, I was sitting in the computer room, listening to the family talk outside in the living room, when I heard:
Wayne Kevin (son): Dad, you need to take me to school tomorrow.
Wayne (dad): What for?
W.K.: I have a meeting.
Dad: What kind of meeting?
W.K.: SWAT, you know, Students Working Against Tobacco
Important piece of information – Wayne (dad) has been smoking since he was a teenager. He’s 52 now. My children have always had a smoker for a parent (just stating facts here, not condoning).
In that moment, I was blown away by the fact that my son, who is as often as not a major goofball, was standing up for something he believes in, knowing how difficult it would be for his dad to swallow. (Truth in advertising: it probably didn’t hurt that by joining SWAT, you got to miss a day of school for training but still …..).

The joy of overhearing an ordinary ride request with an extraordinary rationale. 

….sometimes it’s more than just enough
When all that you need to love
Is in front of your eyes.
(February Song – Josh Groban)

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