Verdigris Luck (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

This week, “chose” Mama Kat prompt number four for me: In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, write a poem about a time you felt lucky.
Verdigris Luck
Things I always wondered about Wicked:

Who was changed for good?

Who defied gravity?

Who wanted to help someone else be Popular?

September, 2009:

Heading north for a bat mitzvah

Take the plane

Get the rental car

Check in to hotel

Take the PATH train

Everything on time

Arrive at the Gershwin.

Beat deadline to enter Wicked Lottery

One slip of paper with my name, one with Tenley’s

Two sets of crossed fingers

Eat pizza

Freeze, surprised at the September chill

Buy I Heart NY sweatshirts


How to pay for tickets if we’re not lucky

For a show about green, we need our own


Absorb city smells, city noises, city heights, city frenzy

Return to the Gershwin
Hundreds of hopefuls wait

Fingers still crossed

Hear staff call “Tenley Kiger”

Sigh of relief! Jubilation

Pay $25 per person

Get a cool button
Sit in front row

Marvel at winning the Wicked Lottery

Happy in a way that defies gravity

Understand the Popular song now

Have heard “verdigris” as a lyric

Changed for good

Here is one blogger’s post about winning the Wicked lottery (it has some cool details!).
The official “scoop” on the Wicked lottery is here.

Wordless Wednesday (Defying Gravity Edition)

I “Elphaba’d” Myself This Week on Wicked Day (10/30/10)
but Tenley (foreground) really gets the credit for “defying gravity” in her American Academy of Ballet Performance (10/23/10), for which she was awarded a gold medal

(photo credit: Bill Lucas)