Wordless Wednesday (Not THAT Blue Sky Edition)

I found this week’s Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge theme (blue skies) quite challenging. After all, each blogger is working with the same basic material:

Unfortunately, as I alluded to in Sunday’s post, my son has spent way too much of this summer looking at someone else’s engineered blue sky rather than the real thing:

I attempted a photo session for this theme that incorporated a kite and some of Tallahassee’s beautiful blue skies. Unfortunately, mother nature did not get the memo and forgot to send even a whiff of wind (sigh). But Wayne and his friend Hunter still had a good time, and it was awesome to see them enjoying a blue sky that wasn’t trapped behind a screen and manipulated with a joystick:

I am linking this Wordless Wednesday post up to the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge sponsored by Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and Alicia of Project Alicia. This week’s theme is “blue skies”! Next week’s theme is “sweet summer finale” (and there are prizes!!).
Crazy Days of Summer