Trust (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

The Mama Kat writing prompts this week are all options that play on the trendy theme this year of “words for the year.” Yes, I have hopped on the “word for the year” train as well, with mine (direction).

direction arrow

This week, Kat asked us to pick one of five “words for the year” and write to that prompt. One option is “trust,” inspired by Queen of Chaos.

They say once you pick your word of the year, if you are truly focusing your energies on it, that you will start seeing it everywhere (check out  the hand dryer in the bathroom, for example).

power arrow

When I think about focusing on “direction,” I have to admit the person pulling the trust rug out from my own feet is …… me.  In failing to trust my instincts, my passions, and my inner voice, I have foundered in ways professional, personal, and spiritual.

Which makes the directional arrow less straightforward.

In her post that was the inspiration for this writing prompt, “Queen of Chaos” wrote, “It’s 2013 and I want to jump in and say, this year will be different!”

I am pretty sure that a different 2013 for me will involve seeking a different direction of some kind, but that route is going to involve a round trip to the heart of the issue: self trust.

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