Coming Clean

I was intrigued to do another “quotes” post when I read the Blogging Quote Challenge from Cresting The Hill (I did a “quotes” post in July of last year).

This busy September, when I have taken on additional responsibilities at work, will be traveling eight of the 17 days that are left, is perhaps the wrong time to confront this life issue, but I am so tired of excuses and disarray.

Therefore my three quotes are dedicated to the CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) of my home.

Quote Number One (Source: Flylady)

Your attitude has to change from “Why do I have to do this!” to “This is my home and I deserve to have a wonderful place to live, this blesses my home, and my family and most of all me!” Fly Lady Logo

My attitude about housecleaning caroms all over the place, from resentment that I have to do it, to frustration that I am so incompetent at it, to amazement at my inability to delegate, even when our home health people are being paid to help, to guilt that I have raised my
children in a place where you always get your laundry out of the pile on the love seat and unexpected guests throw life into a panicked scramble.

Quote Number Two (Source: Six Word Memoirist enginethatcould)

Guilt trip tickets are always non-refundable.

The place that should be my haven and a safe source of comfort (which is different than being an interior decorating showplace: I just mean a reasonably clean and orderly refuge from the rough edges of the world) factors into the weight of guilt I carry around, almost constantly. Guilt at having fun writing a blog post, running, or doing volunteer work when I could be scrubbing baseboards, scrubbing the accumulation of years of neglect off of our bathroom tile, or folding laundry.

In addition to the house, there’s something else I would like to whisk away: guilt.

Quote Number Three (Source: Philadelphia (writer: Ron Nyswaner))

Every problem has a solution.

This one won’t surprise readers familiar with my blog, especially since I featured this quote during Blogust.

It’s time for me to prove to myself what I believe to be true in espousing “every problem has a solution” as one of my favorite quotes.

What has worked for you to overcome tasks which you have avoided (for decades!)?