I Enlisted in #ConnorsCrew (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)


 March 7, 2014, is going to be many things:

National Cereal Day

National Doodle Day

National Salesperson Day

National Crown Roast of Pork Day

For Connor’s family, though, March 7, 2014 will be the day they celebrate his first birthday. Connor was stillborn on March 7, 2013. On March 7, 2014, his parents want to “celebrate that he existed, not focus on him being gone.” The way they have chosen to do that is to “spread goodness, in his honor” in the days leading up to his first birthday.

Mama Kat, through her weekly writing prompts, has encouraged participating bloggers to “complete a random act of kindness for Connor.” Connor’s mom, who blogs at Live, Love, Read, really hopes that those of us who do RAOKs in Connor’s memory will share what we did so that she can compile them. She describes the options, including use of the hashtag #connorscrew, here. (But if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s okay too!).

I had to take my father-in-law to the hospital today for an appointment. Since I was already there, I left the parking staff with $3 (the fee to valet park at the hospital parking garage) and a letter describing Connor, so that someone who is harried, preoccupied with a loved one’s illness, or just short $3, will have one less thing to worry about. (I have to compliment the attendant who I talked to; I encouraged him to read the letter and he “got it” immediately … he said “oh it’s like a pay it forward thing, huh?” He said he may hang onto the $3 and the letter until tomorrow. I am pretty sure the $3 will end up in exactly the right hands. Thank you, attendant guy, for being part of #ConnorsCrew!).

connor raok

It is simple to do a Random Act of Kindness, and it doesn’t have to cost a cent. (For ideas, visit this site.) I’d love for #ConnorsCrew to be bursting at the seams with the kindness of loving hands and hearts. How about you enlist alongside me, Connor, and his parents?

connor moore 5x7

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