Finding New Roads With Chevrolet

When I went to Miami Beach as part of #ChevyPlayMiami, my son and I made several side trips in addition to the main event, the Miami International Auto Show. For example, we went to the Miami Auto Museum, where we saw cars from a broad span of decades. Linking back to the Chevrolet part of my trip, we saw this memory:

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Chevrolet’s current motto is “Find New Roads,” and those three words mirror much of my experience as part of this group:

Parent of a Teen Driver Finding New Roads

Since I have a 19-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son, our lives as a family have been engaged in the “learning to drive” process for the past four years or so. Being the parent of a teen driver introduces a multitude of questions for a parent, foremost among them being: How will my son or daughter remain safe?

Stephen from Chevrolet explained the features the company is incorporating to enhance safety for new drivers:

Exploring New Roads Is About More Than Driving

In addition to a demonstration of the 2016 Suburban and a private tour of the Auto Show, we participated in a session of Style Trends for Fall from Jenny a/k/a MiamiStyleMom.

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We interacted with Ryan Hall of #CodeFeverMiami to jump start our enthusiasm for the digital world.

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We also spent time with Vanessa James, a fireplug of an individual (and Florida State Seminole hooray!) who empowered each of us to make our unique mark in a crowded internet world.

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(Thank you Surfcomber for a gorgeous setting for our day of fashion, coding, cars, and FUN!)

New Roads Introduce You to New People

I literally took a new (to me) road for this trip. Although I am a lifelong Floridian and traveled much of the state with Healthy Kids, I had never been to Miami Beach! In addition to discovering a beautiful part of my home state, I met bloggers and influencers who were new to me. My friend Nicole and I already know each other well from our work as Shot at Life Champion Leaders:

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Everyone else, though, was completely new and fresh! It was so exciting for this North Floridian to meet people who see the world through the South Florida filter; by the end of two days I had many new friends and had made special new connections.

ChevyPlay Group

Taty of @CoolChillMom and I connected prior to the event and worked with Ana of @MiamiMommySavings on a ticket giveaway. Those tickets have been given to the winners already (congrats @sal0820!) but there’s an opportunity to win more tickets by participating in a Twitter Chat! (there’s plenty of time to get to the show; it doesn’t end until November 16!).

Four pairs of tickets (as well as Chevy gift bags) will be up for grabs at the Twitter party!

When: November 12, 7-8 pm ET (6-7pm CT; 5-6 pm MT; 4-5 pm PT)

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Here are some of the sights you will see if you win (and these are just the Chevrolets!). SO MANY CARS!


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I’m so renewed by this experience: the environment, the cars, the people. I am glad a new road took me to Miami Beach. What new road do you want to take?

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Sunset over the Peace River (why yes I DID take a bus to an auto show!)

I will receive compensation in exchange for participation in this campaign. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Uber Wisdom

I had a great time at the Miami International Auto Show as part of the #ChevyPlayMiami team, and during the extra day I stayed in Miami Beach to spend time with my son. There are so many experiences and images to talk about!

One of the most interesting exhibits at the auto show was the “Cars Meet Art” exhibit, featuring creations like this Porsche Targa GTS with art by DUAIV:

Uber Driver Wisdom













The trip wasn’t just about what we saw. One of the most interesting things that was said to me came from one of the many Uber drivers who got Wayne Kevin and me around Miami Beach and Miami. His name was Alfredo, he is a youth minister, and one of the reasons he drives an Uber is to support the church run by his family in El Salvador (be still my heart!). My son was talking about his dream car, and in the midst of a trip to Miami Beach I didn’t anticipate taking until very shortly before it happened, doing a blog-related event which involved a refreshingly different focus from my usual, right there on some street in Opa Locka, Alfred uttered these words of wisdom:

Uber Driver Wisdom

This is true, Alfredo. This is true!

Do you have a dream you have parked and allowed to become dormant?

Maybe it’s time to rev it up!




Join Me at the Miami International Auto Show! #ChevyPlay

“I know you don’t care.”

My son, Wayne, says some version of “I know you don’t care” pretty much every time he tries to explain some fascinating feature of a sports car or takes the long way in a parking lot because, “look it’s a [insert make and model of some AMAZING (to him) car here]”!!

While it is not true that I don’t care, it is true that I don’t speak an advanced form of “car.” I am excited to get a crash course (pun slightly intended) at the Miami International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center as an ambassador for #ChevyPlay!

Chevrolets From Old to New

In order to warm up for the Auto Show, I visited one of our local Dale Earnhardt Jr locations today and got up close and personal with one Chevrolet which was born before me and one recent model.

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I wonder what stories this ’57 BelAir could tell!

In addition to admiring the pristine ’57 BelAir, I took a test drive in a 2015 Malibu LTZ. I’ll bet whoever owned that BelAir first could not have dreamed they would be able to start their car with a press of a button, from the comfort of their home, and have it ready to depart by the time they arrived in the driver’s seat!

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Note: Thank you to Richard Burkart, Client Advisor at Dale Earnhardt Jr, for his help!

More To Come At The Miami Auto Show!

If you will be in Miami November 6-15, make plans to visit the Miami International Auto Show! Details are available via this link. In addition, you can learn more by visiting Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

My other ambassadors such as CoolChillMom, Miami Mommy Savings, and I will be doing ticket giveaways also! Here’s Cool Chill Mom’s Instagram Giveaway. Here’s Miami Mommy Savings’s Instagram Giveaway, and here’s mine. (We will each be giving away two tickets!)

I am also excited about the November 12 Twitter Chat at 7 p.m. ET for #ChevyPlay! This will be another opportunity to win show tickets and prizes!!

This will be my first Auto Show since the Detroit Auto Show in 1994! That was before social media, before I had kids, before this 21st Century had begun! I can’t wait to participate in this project. My son will be joining me for the public parts of the show, and I am thinking we can zoom to a more mutually shared joy of all things automotive by sharing time together at this event!

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I will receive compensation in exchange for participation in this campaign. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.