Runners Go The Extra Mile (Again)

Meeting my Daily Mile friend, Keith, before being be-ribboned.

Meeting my Daily Mile friend, Keith, before being be-ribboned.

This weekend, I am reminded of what a supportive community can be found among runners.

When I was volunteering at my club’s merchandise table at the expo yesterday for the Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon, I asked my friend Lisa why she was wearing a blue ribbon.  She explained that it was to honor our runner friend Dustin, who is fighting a rare and aggressive brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme). That made sense to me – I have been involved in efforts to support Dustin, enough to know that his favorite color is blue. (You can visit Dustin’s website to learn more about his situation and how to help by clicking here.)

Here’s the part that speaks to our running community. Lisa didn’t just say, “you should wear one too” (as she knew I would want to).  She walked up to me a few minutes later, ribbon in hand, cut to the right size, with a safety pin to attach it to myself.

Post be-ribboning!

Post be-ribboning!

Just a small but meaningful symbol of how my runner friends “go the extra mile” for each other.  It happens all the time.

(p.s. – there will be an Anywhere5K (Run For Rhodes) to support Dustin as well as raise awareness of Cancer Control Month on April 20 and 21!. You can get more information about that by clicking here.)

run for rhodes bib


Wordless Wednesday (Prayers for Dustin Rhodes Edition)

My friend and fellow runner, Dustin Rhodes, is having surgery for brain cancer tomorrow (1/2/13).

One prayer that is especially meaningful to him is the prayer to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. I have incorporated that prayer, as well as the names of Dustin, Rebecca (his wife), and Michael (their infant son) into the Tagxedo below:

Dustin Tagxedo

Whatever your faith tradition, any prayers and good intentions are appreciated.

For more information about Dustin, please visit this link.

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