Five Minute Friday: FAMILIAR

Welcome to this week’s Five Minute Friday. Our instructions, via creator Kate Motaung: “Write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.”

Today’s prompt: FAMILIAR

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Turkey Trot was all too familiar.

It took me one hour, twenty-eight minutes, and twenty-two seconds to walk the 3.1 miles/5 kilometers. 1:28:22. In previous years, I ran the 10K in less time than that.

It brought back my running life in 2009 when I started blogging (planning to always call the blog “The Last Banana Club” (how times change LOL!)). When I so frequently finished at the back of the pack and/or last.

Before I started improving, and thinking my goal of breaking 30:00 for a 5K was possible.

Before the implantable loop recorder, the EP study and subsequent decision not to do an ablation.

The familiar part(s) today?

The law enforcement saying to each other “we’ve got to be getting near the end.”

The water stations being dismantled.

The music ending.

The photographer not paying attention to me, walking along, as the 10K finishers streamed past me.

As I saw people who had finished their races returning to their cars/homes, I saw the medals around their necks. As many back-of-the-packers do, I wondered if there would be any left when I got to the finish line.

Because I was among the very last finishers of the 5K, the medal volunteers weren’t paying attention (because the 10K finishers were completing their races through an adjacent chute).

I approached one and asked “do I get a medal?”

She said, “you get a medal whether you ran an inch or 15 miles.”

And that is the spirit of the running community with which I am most familiar.

***Thoughts beyond five minutes. Although my five-minute clock has ended, I want to make sure to note how much I love the running community. I didn’t anticipate writing something quite so self-centered and relatively negative, especially on Thanksgiving after a day filled with family, plenty, friends, and safety, but I believe strongly in honest writing, and the prompt “familiar” sent me down a particular path that I found it important and a little cathartic to pursue. ~ pk***

Five Minute Friday

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