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Blogging Education

Do you sometimes feel like this guy when trying to achieve your social media goals? Your vision is obscured and you aren’t even sure where to aim.

I know I do!

I have been blogging since 2009, and still have so much to learn.

It was one thing when it was just me, blogging to flex my writing muscle, but now blogging is one of my major responsibilities at the Lead Change Group (LCG). Other people are depending on me to handle their content.

Weaving Influence, which owns LCG, is counting on me to maximize the ability of each post to reach a broad audience, to achieve SEO goals, and to expand our digital footprint.

More importantly than a large audience is the fact that these posts reach the right audience, people who will remain part of our community for longer than the five minutes they took to peruse one post.

Last year, I participated in a piloted online course that changed the way I approach blogging. The course equipped me to improve the LCG blog from a search perspective, and it’s positioning me to prove the work I’m doing is driving real results.

That course was The Modern Blogging MasterclassI’m excited to be among the first to tell you that it’s now available to the public (but the cart closes on September 15).

I’ll let the experts at Spin Sucks give you all of the information about it, but I can tell you this: You don’t want to miss it. It will give you a huge advantage over your competitors and it will help you plan your entire communications program for 2017.

Click here to check it out…you won’t regret it!

With the Modern Blogging Masterclass, your blindfold will be HISTORY and you will be much more likely to hit your target!

Blogging Education

To encourage people to learn more about the Modern Blogging Masterclass, I gave away an Amazon Giftcard to one of the people who helped me spread the word! Congratulations to that Phase One winner, Jenny S.


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Update: Congrats to Sara L. for winning the gift card!

NOTE: I am a Modern Blogging Masterclass affiliate. Because I am a former student, I have the opportunity to win a prize if you sign up.

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Amazon $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Amazon Giveaway

CONFESSION: I came very close to ordering washcloths from Amazon the other day. Washcloths, people!

Why did I almost order washcloths from Amazon? Our current supply is very low, the ones we do have were all dirty or had gone missing, and the almost instant gratification of pressing “order” and knowing a colorful stack of fluffy, clean washcloths would be on my doorstep within two days thanks to Prime was almost more than I could resist.

Amazon GiveawayI did resist, however, and am happy to report I found clean washcloths deep in a crevice of laundry mountain.

Whatever you need instant gratification for, whether it’s routine bathroom linens, the latest best seller, or a kindle, wouldn’t a $100 Amazon gift card help?

I am joining other great bloggers in a giveaway! Here’s the scoop:


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Mashed Potatoes: A Book Review

How long has it been since your dreams contained adventure instead of the panicked feeling that you have failed to handle some obligation?

Mashed Potatoes: A Little Brother Story rekindled my belief in the power of lofty dreams to fuel our goals and fantasies. The book was self-published by my friend/co-worker, Carrie Koens and her husband, Peter.

Book Review

Although my kids are now 16 and 19, I can just SEE their younger eyes lighting up at the idea of getting all. they. wanted. of. their. favorite. foods and being rescued from the ill effects of gluttony by the simple act of rousing from sleep.

When she was little my almost-20-year-old loved We Like Kindergarten, a book that had worked its way into our collection somehow. This classic was published the year after I was born (1965)! The illustrations were definitely not 21st century, but the story was timeless: Big sister Carol got to go to Kindergarten and her little sister had to stay home. The book was already VERY LOVED when we got it, but that didn’t reduce its charm at all. This little golden book truly was GOLDEN.

Another favorite of my kids was a board book called Jamberry. One novel feature of Jamberry was the two-page passage with NO WORDS. I would summon up all my imagination and whatever drops of dramatic tendencies I could and make the passage FUN as the characters went over blueberry falls.

When another blogger, life as mom, talked about how Mashed Potatoes was one of her children’s perennial favorites, and how when she took it out of the mothballs to take a picture recently, the (now older) children each exclaimed “oh I LOVE that book!!,” I could relate.

Book Review: Why Mashed Potatoes is a Keeper:

  • It conjures up images of how, when we were little kids, we desperately wanted more, more, more of the things we loved (even if they weren’t good for us in unlimited quantities!)
  • The disarmingly adorable yet not too sappy-sweet illustrations
  • The fact that as the reader, you feel the protagonist’s struggle between right and wrong as he tries to figure out how to respond to his dad after his act of disobedience
  • The outer space reference (because I’ve been in a big space-lover mode recently thanks to my trips to NASA)
  • As I mentioned in the beginning, the reminder that our “child” spirit, whether we are 5 or 51, has the capacity to dream big, as high as the sky!

This is More Than a Book

In addition to sharing the qualities about Mashed Potatoes that made it a “hit” with me, I also want to note that all proceeds from the purchase of this book (here’s the link) are going to the authors’ adoption fund. They are planning to adopt five siblings from Costa Rica, and of course that brings with it expenses. Read more about their adoption journey here.

Please join me in wishing Peter and Carrie blessings and success on their adoption journey. I can just imagine five little heads on five little pillows, dreaming big dreams in their slumber and knowing the big love of family when they wake up!
Book Review

Design by Rachel Royer

 Book Review
Book Review

Starting IS Believing, but FINISHING is Achieving

Place this one in the “you had one job” files …

Wayne asked me to pick up several items for dinner, and sent this list:

Prepaid College Tuition

I dutifully picked up the items I saw on the list, rechecking it several times, before picking my son up from an event and returning home. Several hours later, Wayne, who had been out, called before returning home to say “let’s go over the ingredients one more time” before he made the pasta recipe he had planned.

Him: “Did you get the butter?”

Me: The butter? That wasn’t on the list.

Him: I’m pretty sure I put it on the list.

Me (after glancing at the list): Oh no, it was on the list.

Fortunately, he had an opportunity to pick up the butter at the last moment, saving our menu from missing a critical ingredient (hooray!)

Sometimes, there are things on our lists that we have inadvertently neglected to do, and we are able to save check those things off before losing the opportunity.

There’s Another “Last Chance” Looming

I have been fortunate to be a Believer Blogger for Florida Prepaid for the past two years. During this open enrollment period, we’ve discussed expanding possibilities, turning dreams into realities, and the power of a Prepaid plan. Open enrollment ends February 29, so if you have been considering signing up for a Florida Prepaid plan for your child or a child you care about, it truly is time to check this task off the list.

Do You Still Have Concerns?

I know that your decisions about your family’s finances are personal and challenging. If you’re anything like us, you are juggling the expenses of necessities while trying to squeeze in some wants that make everyone happy!

I also know that it is easy for myths and misconceptions to exist about a program like Florida Prepaid. For example, many Floridians think it is not possible to use a prepaid plan at an out-of-state or private college. Fortunately, that’s not true.

Although prepaid plans are designed to be used at Florida Colleges or State Universities, the value of the plans can be used at other schools nationwide. Whether you pick a public, private, in-state or out-of-state school, the program pays the same as they would pay a Florida School. Our family is proof, because Tenley has used Florida Prepaid at Valdosta State University in Georgia!

Checking Prepaid Off the List

Ready to take action? Here’s what you need to know!

To learn more, click here or call 1.800.552.GRAD (4723)! If you purchase a plan, please provide the code BLOG1516 to receive a special gift.

As I mentioned, enrollment ends on February 29, 2016, and my fellow Believer Bloggers like Working Mom Magic,  Raising Whasians, Mindy’s Fitness Journey, and I are eager to make sure as many children in Florida as possible can benefit from the current low prices and the variety of options available.

To sweeten the pot, I am offering a $10 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, or Target (winner’s choice) to one of my readers who helps get the word out! The winner also gets a bonus green pen imbued with all kinds of optimistic mojo :-).

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ps: dinner (WITH the butter) turned out great! Phew!

Prepaid College Tuition

Prepaid College Tuition

This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.

#Giveaway: $500 Amazon Gift Card or Cash!

I did something very small recently which made me ecstatic! I bought a new iron! I sat at my table at 11:34 p.m. at night, clicked over to Amazon, scrolled through the highest-rated irons in my price range, clicked a few more times and ….. thanks to the wonder that is Amazon Prime, I had my new (wonderful, awesome, actually takes wrinkles out of clothes) iron within 48 hours!


The only thing better would have been if my iron had been bought with money I had won instead of earned. This giveaway is a chance to win enough for several irons (or several anythings that make your heart happy!). Read on for the details.


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Good luck with the giveaway! Now back to my ironing….

The Heart of Leadership (A Book Review)

This week, I am happy to join other readers in discussing “The Heart of Leadership,” Mark Miller’s new book about “becoming a leader people want to follow.”

cropped HOL

I enjoyed the way Mark structured the book, following “Blake” through a journey of transformation that starts with a performance review in which Blake’s supervisor tells him that he is not performing to his potential. Although he is tempted to react angrily, he takes the time to think through his supervisor’s contention that “leaders are different” and decides to seek help in understanding what it is that makes leaders different.

As he speaks with various people who volunteer to help him navigate the path toward being a more effective leader, he is given some truly valuable pieces of advice. One of my favorites was:

Your missed opportunities are often no big deal in isolation.

They are, however, cumulative.

This is an area where I have struggled. When I supervised people, I know I lost opportunities to address issues when they were small. Dealing with a big issue that has mushroomed takes away time from getting the organizational mission accomplished and harms morale.

Another principle that is a thread woven through all of the people Blake speaks to on his path toward deeper understanding is “Think Others First.” I saw this concept in action last night when I watched Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston being interviewed after FSU defeated Clemson (a very big win!). I have been somewhat out of the college football pocket for a good bit of this season and had missed seeing any of Winston’s performances this year. I had seen the social media frenzy touting him as Heisman material, the best thing to hit our football field in years, a phenom. I have to say he made that impression on me last night as I watched the game. But it was the post-game interview that really caught my attention.

After citing his religious faith, Winston repeatedly spoke of the support of his teammates, of what a great job they did, of the unity this team felt. There was not a single word in which he bragged about his outstanding performance. Jameis Winston echoed what one of Blake’s leadership mentors said: “Leadership character, once established, is hard to hide.” Winston’s leadership was shining through his words and his demeanor. (Here is another interview after the game that captures much of the same tone.)

HOL cropped two

The Heart of Leadership is a manageably brief book to read, and it’s packed with great ideas. Aren’t you curious to know how Blake worked it all out? If so you can purchase the book through Amazon here.


Mark Miller, well known business leader, best-selling author, and communicator, is excited about sharing The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow with those who are ready to take the next step. You can find it on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.

*I received a complimentary copy of The Heart of Leadership for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Pulling the Trigger Called Adventure (A Discussion of Life Unbolted)

This post about “Life Unbolted,” Patrick Detscher’s new book, can’t really be called a review……more of a “riff.” How do you objectively discuss your good friend’s “baby,” one you knew before a single word hit the page? You don’t, but you do share its arrival with your friends, joyfully. Among people to whom this book will appeal:

Life Unbolted

Those Who Are Interested in the Realities of the Appalachian Trail

I have known enough people who hiked the Appalachian Trail as well as read enough books (including A Walk in the Woods) to know that choosing a trek along the trail, whether three days or three years, is not what the uninitiated would think. There is the fact of the beauty and the communion with nature. In addition, however, it is dirty, it has a subculture, it is a place where you need a lot more than a decent pair of hiking shoes and a backpack. As an AT hiker, you spend a lot of time dealing with your own waste. Patrick, in his unique view of the world, shares observations such as: Looking down upon these mountains of fecal material [in trail privies] is an experience in itself. Seeing that the top was perfectly pointed led me to wonder, how did the last person who used this achieve such symmetrical perfection……the size and scope …. amazed me.

Reading Life Unbolted prior to an outing on the Appalachian Trail would help me become a much more prepared hiker (but I draw the line at poo symmetry).

The Realities of the New Economy

Much of the impetus for Pat’s choice to “pull the trigger called adventure” and embark on the Appalachian Trail adventure (among other life changes he made in 2009) was the challenges facing the US economy. He had worked for corporate America. After that position ended, he began exploring his interest in environmental policy and the “Entity-Specific Power model” (Chapter 19 – I can’t explain it well!). That led to a run for public office, a dissolution of his marriage, a reunion with a high school love, and a changed spiritual outlook. In Pat’s words, the national economic situation in the spring of 2009 led to an environment in which “a complete lack of work became the dreaded norm. Since the damage was done, I became determined to follow what I feel is some of the finest advice one person can offer to another: make yourself better.” For Patrick, the road to “better” involved wandering. A lot of wandering. Fortunately for us readers, the wandering is documented in this book.

The Realities of What It Takes to Get “Unstuck”

I was listening to a radio interview today with musician Alan Doyle. In the interview, he discussed how when you are in your 40s, there are more divorces than marriages; more funerals than christenings — it’s an “in between” time. I count Patrick’s ex-wife, “Nicola” (not her real name) as a dear friend and admittedly it was shocking and sad for me as a friend of each to see their marriage end. Having seen each of them heal and move on, each in very different ways, I appreciate the insight this book gave me that deepened my understanding of Patrick’s choice to “unbolt” his life, literally, and find his way by “wandering.” As Robin, an important individual to this book, says on page 176, “he’s wired a bit differently from most men I’ve known.” I am not sure any route other than the Appalachian Trail and nights spent in his hammock in the trees over New York’s Central Park would have gotten him to the spiritual center he sought after so many blows.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention running. As a discipline, running gave Patrick an essential outlet (he decided to train to qualify to participate in the New York Millrose Games after a 35-year absence.) Patrick has always been unfailingly supportive of my running, and although he is a speedy sprinter and I am a back-of-the-pack distance-lover, we always enjoyed being at intervals together.

Should you read this book? If you are interested in hiking our national trails, specifically the Appalachian, and are open to unconventional ways of thinking as well as quite candid language, grab it!

If you a prudish about discussions of male and female body parts, I still recommend the book but am glad to give you a page-by-page guide of sections you might want to skip. I respect the fact that these discussions are not for everyone.

There’s no one like Patrick. I don’t agree with all of his ideas about how to change our nation’s use of its natural resources (I actually don’t understand them all). However, I do agree with his friend “Moe,” who said “We often admit faith only after the other man goes first.”

Patrick is one of those people willing to “go first.” As a friend, I have learned not to discount the “out there” thinking and hubris that sometimes come with that mindset. “Life Unbolted” gives you a window into that mindset. As a reader, I found the reading experience a lot like the Appalachian Trail experience must be — each page showed me something different; even revisiting the SAME page sometimes led to a different conclusion.

Life Unbolted is available in paperback and Kindle via Amazon. Click here for ordering information.


Leaders Open Doors (A Book Review)

Visit most elementary school classrooms, and you will see a division of duties that includes job tasks critical to the smooth functioning of the classroom: line leader, snack helper, paper passer, calendar captain, and door holder. Although Mama Kat’s prompt tonight asked us to “share something your child said or did that surprised you,” I am borrowing something Bill Treasurer’s child, Ian, said. Watch this brief video to hear what Ian said:

Ian’s statement, “I got to open doors for people,” and Bill Treasurer’s elaboration on the six types of “Doors of Opportunity” in his book, Leaders Open Doors, reminded me of how easily we can “complexify” the challenges we face at work.

Thinking about Ian’s pride in opening doors for his classmates echoed back to how fulfilled I have felt when leaders throughout my career have made me feel like an important part of the team. They did this in different ways: making sure I had information about the project so that I understood where my task fit in the “big picture,” making me feel like my contribution was something that I was uniquely positioned and qualified to do, and (even though I didn’t always get warm fuzzies about this) giving me specific directions when I needed to make corrections.

One of Bill Treasurer’s recommended “Open-Door Actions and Reflections” is: Identify at least one leader who helped bring about a personal shift for you. What was the shift? Why did you need it? What did the leader do to help bring it about?

I have had many leaders over the years, effective ones, abrupt ones, milquetoast ones. To provide an example that might make sense to Ian and his teacher (if they happened to be a 48 year old in the workplace), I’ll share this: we had a team of consultants at Healthy Kids once who were working with us on process improvement projects. There was a difficult technology transition under way, and as the Director of Customer Service, I had gotten in the habit of writing lengthy, detailed, ill-tempered emails about problems I was experiencing with our new system and the effects of the problems on our enrollees. The consultant said to me, very matter of factly, “you know, you write long emails about these issues and you are blasting waves of ‘this is a problem,’ ‘this is also a problem,’ and ‘there is a third issue too….’ to multiple recipients, without identifying who you hope is going to rectify the situation or suggesting solutions. This is taking up your time without yielding any solutions.”

That conversation was held several years ago. I can’t think of a single email since then where I have not identified who I was directing the email to (even if I cc’d others for the sake of sharing important information) or what outcome I hoped for. It has helped me use my time more effectively and the likelihood of eliciting solutions to the problems I am presenting is higher.

Bill Treasurer reminds us, “It’s hard to be an open-door leader if your mental door is closed.” I thank Lori, the consultant mentioned above, for helping me push through a behavioral door that was hurting me. I encourage you to pick up Bill’s book to refresh your approach to leadership in a radically simple way.


Bill Treasurer, Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting and former U.S. High Diver, wants leaders to be a part of opening doors of opportunities for others to thrive, achieve, and lead. The proceeds of his new book, Leaders Open Doors, are being donated to charities that serve children with special needs. Available on Amazon.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

A Place at the Table (A Food Bloggers Against Hunger Post)

“So hungry”………raise your hand if your child (or you) has ever, in a moment of frustration because work obligations pressed too hard or service was slow or the milk in the fridge had gone sour……….said “I’m so hungry!”

For most of us, we aren’t technically that hungry. Our stomachs are grumbling, our blood sugar is plummeting, our patience is hitting bottom. But we are a few minutes, dollars, or miles away from a decent meal.

For millions of Americans participating in our nation’s food stamp program (SNAP), $3 to $4 per person per day is what they have to supplement their food budget.  In addition, the most affordable food is often the unhealthiest (some articles describing why this is the case can be found here and here.)

A few facts:

  • 16.2 million kids in America struggle with hunger. (Source: USDA Household Food Security in the United States)

  • 10.5 million kids eligible for free or reduced-price school breakfast do not get it. (Source: Food Research and Action Center, School Breakfast Scorecard)

  • Six out of 7 eligible kids do not get free summer meals. (Source: Food Research and Action Center “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report)

We bloggers* are banding together to post recipes today as part of a recipe roundup of budget-friendly recipes. I have scoured the interwebz today, thinking of the cans of tuna and chicken (and the jars of peanut butter) that I have deposited in our baskets at Holy Comforter each week, to be distributed each Saturday by our food pantry. My basic thought process when I am at the store is usually, “protein is good so I’ll do tuna (or chicken….or peanut butter).” But if I were the recipient, what could I do with the protein to make it last as long as possible and to have the best chance that my kids would like it?

A friend who delivers food as part of a service project every week said some of the considerations she faces are: a) the fact that she drops the bag at 8 a.m. and it often has to sit until the adult gets home from work, and b) in her experience kids are pretty averse to beans. As she and I (and a few other people on Twitter) were discussing options for “budget-friendly” recipes, tuna noodle casserole and other variations on “put the meat with pasta and throw in cream-of-something-soup” seemed to be the most common suggestion. For that reason, I will suggest something completely different, that is still budget-friendly and may be novel enough to appeal to kids: Baked-Potato Eggs!

Baked-Potato Eggs From Real Simple

Baked-Potato Eggs
From Real Simple

Here’s the recipe for Baked-Potato Eggs


  • 2  baking potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan
  • 2  precooked turkey sausages, diced
  • 4  large eggs


Heat oven to 400° F. Scrub the potatoes and pierce each with the tines of a fork. Bake until fork-tender, about 45 minutes. Carefully cut each potato in half. Scoop out the insides and stir in the butter and cheese. Fold in the sausages. Spoon the mixture back into the potato halves, creating a hollow in each center. Break 1 egg into each hollow. Arrange on a baking sheet and cook 10 to 15 minutes or until set.

Serves 4

(This recipe is from Real Simple via

Source: MorgueFile

An American School Lunch
(Source: Morguefile)

Now, where were we before we started salivating over the cheesy eggs over succulent baked potatoes? Oh yeah — we were at the fact that for some families, hunger is an ever-present fact of life. What can we do, together?

1. We can send a letter to congress asking them to support anti-hunger legislation. I   sent mine earlier today; it literally took less than a minute. Here’s the link.

2. We can watch A Place at the Table, which follow three American families affected by food insecurity. Here’s the trailer:

Dates for showings of A Place at the Table can be found via this link. It is also available via iTunes and Amazon.

I am hungry to give every American a place at a plentiful table. If you are too, please join me in taking action.

no kid hungry

*Ginormous caveat here – I can’t really claim to be a “food blogger,” even though I have done the occasional post about food. More like I’m a blogger who cares, who invited herself to be a “food blogger for a day”!

Hello, Maxwell. Who Are You?

Quick! When I say the word “insurance,” what comes to mind?


  • Suits, ties, traditional business look and feel
  • Bills, forms, paperwork, disclaimers
  • Conventional focus on what happens when an enrollee gets sick


As someone who thinks about insurance a lot (because my work is insurance-related, because I have a family that needs insurance, because it’s in the news all the time now), I am intrigued by a new venture that is taking a fresh approach.

Maxwell Health has the potential to make you think about insurance differently:

  • Virtual, personalized look and feel
  • E-forms, simple paperwork, concierge assistance
  • Progressive focus on proactively rewarding healthy choices

I have to admit the “magnet” that got me paying attention to Maxwell is the Jawbone Activity Tracker.


I have read about the Jawbone on Badass Fitness and also on Mindy’s Fitness Journey, and I had an opportunity to speak with a user recently. He was excited about keeping track of his activity, his food intake, and his sleep patterns — all through a simple device he wears on his arm that downloads information into his iPhone and gives him feedback about his progress.

Prior to wrapping a Jawbone around someone’s wrist, Maxwell Health works with people who need health insurance to help them find coverage. Potential enrollees obtain quotes using a simple questionnaire, and choose among respected health care providers such as Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and Kaiser Permanente. After enrollment, Maxwell users get “concierge” level help with such tasks as physician recommendations, claims handling, and prescription advice.

One aspect that appeals to a lot of my peers is that Maxwell Health makes health insurance accessible to the self employed as well as small businesses for whom traditional insurance packages are out of reach.

To return to the Jawbone:  when people insure themselves through Maxwell Health’s insurer partners, they also have the option of adding the “wellness” package, which hooks them up with the Jawbone or Fitbit (for Android users). As people pursue their wellness goals, Maxwell opens the door for them to get tangible incentives like Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy and ToysRUs cards as rewards for their fitness lifestyles. Users also get specific wellness guidance under a personal health coach, incorporating information from the Cleveland Clinic.

Maxwell Screenshot

The insurance landscape is changing for all of us. Will this product be “the one” that makes a difference or is the right answer for everyone? No. In the words of Veer Gidwaney, Maxwell CEO and Cofounder, “Maxwell doesn’t solve every problem. But it solves enough prolems for the average person and small business to have a smile on their face.”

New Technology + Timeless Commitment to Service = Something Worth Considering

Hello, Maxwell.

**Note: I did not receive any compensation from Maxwell Health or any of the entities mentioned here. I just think it’s an interesting idea worth learning more about!