Wordless Wednesday (#StyleMeMarch – Week Five)

Week Five of the “#StyleMeMarch” challenge from Hilary Rushford of the Bow Ties and Bettys Style Blog may have been abbreviated but it packed some fun challenges into four quick days!

Here’s the entire month’s plan:

On Wednesday, our directive was “two patterns.” I combined an abstract floral with an art deco motif  pendant:
This day proved that this one skirt in my closet is probably my most versatile piece. It starred in Parisian Day in Week One and Stripes or Dots Day in Week Two. Reversible can be good.
And here’s the view of the whole outfit.
My coworkers Beth and Karen got in on the “two patterns” fun too, mixing textures, stripes, and florals:
For “whites or neutrals” day, I had a run planned before work. I usually run before work on Thursdays anyway, but this time I was participating in a Daily Mile “virtual challenge,” a 3.1 mile run (wherever we were geographically) in memory of fellow DailyMiler Martin A. I chose a white shirt and a white headband.

Takng pictures backwards, one-handed, in the dark, doesn’t yield the best angles but here I am heading out in memory of Martin A.

When it came time to get dressed for work, I had to chuck Plan A because the white dress was at the cleaners, so I chose a tan linen cropped blouse, brown pants, and a brown jacket.  As neutral as I could get without a trip to the dry cleaner.
Friday was “color on your feet” day. I have had these shoes since my friend Mary Jane got married in 1999. They have held up so well; they may not be super-vivid colorful, but they’re the best I can do! I love the tuck detail.
On that same day, I was looking ahead to my 10K run the following day. Springtime Tallahassee is one of our biggest runs here, and I decided to coordinate my toes with the race shirt. First nail decals I have purchased in a while! Oh! It’s also important to note the name of the nail color: Spring Street (every color in the line had a New York name (sigh)).
Saturday, the grand finale, was “plays up my best feature” day. I have always liked having small dainty wrists. They may be small but they do a lot for me, like announce a favorite cause. (This bracelet supports the cause of Fanconi Anemia.) Read more about how the Kidz1stFund works to help kids with Fanconi Anemia by clicking on this link.
And then there are all the miles run where my wrists help me keep track of my time.
There’s also the awesome watch my husband bought me for our 10th anniversary. Most valuable watch I have ever owned but it doesn’t work right now so it is relegated to a drawer. But it still looks nice!
Is this the end of StyleMeMarch? Not quite. I’ll be doing a wrap-up post soon to discuss a few lessons learned and to properly thank Hilary Rushford for being such a great fashion guide and enthusiastic supporter. For now, I will sign off.
After all, I need to figure out what to wear tomorrow!