Wordless Wednesday (The Morning Meal Edition)

Last week, the Elks Lodge advertised their Sunday morning meal special:

This week, the sign had been changed:

Coincidence that the Big Green Penmobile (which is blue, actually) was seen snapping photographs of the misspelled sign in their parking lot last week?

I think not.

Pass the scrambled eggs. FAST. Or is that FEST?

Wordless Wednesday (Green Pen Junior Debut Version)

It’s never too soon enlist fellow guardians of accurate spelling (plus I didn’t want to get out of the car):

Wanna trade an “a” for an “e” and make “calenders” back into “calendars”?
Photo Credit: Wayne Kevin Kiger
And we hope “N” pray everyone had a good “Valetine’s”
Photo Credit: Wayne Kevin Kiger
Nice to have help keeping the Big Green Pen from seeing RED, Wayne!