Wordless Wednesday (Through The Trees Edition)


This weekend’s Instagram “Weekend Hashtag Project” honored the 141-year-old Arbor Day holiday, dedicated to planting and caring for trees. The goal was “to capture photographs through trees.” All of mine were taken in a 20-minute period while on a cooldown after a run Saturday.

photo (62)

Pedrick Pond – Spanish Moss


tree arrow

My favorite – a literal “through the trees” image!


photo (64)

Capital City Christian Church

(Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a photo announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.)

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Wordless Wednesday (Rotten to the Core Edition)

As the holiday songs play over store loudspeakers and the aisles are crowded with ornaments, tinsel, and other holiday goods, let’s take one last fall orchard visit.

My friend Audrey and I had a perfect fall morning at the Drazen Orchards in September.

I am always intrigued by nature’s imperfections:

Between the two of us, we must have taken 25 pictures of this apple, trying to capture the way the light shone through it.

Another try….

In the end, though, the morning wasn’t about getting the perfect photo but about the friendship shared and the bonds we renewed browsing through the orchard.

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Wordless Wednesday (Brooklyn Bridge Edition)

I still marvel at the perfect days I had during my September visit to New York City.

Even though I lived there for almost three years in the early 90’s, and visited quite a few times, I had never walked the Brooklyn Bridge until this trip. Having read “The Great Bridge” by David McCullough between last year’s NYC visit and this year’s, I knew I had to walk the bridge this time.

Compared to these people huddling in the rain and approaching furor of Hurricane Sandy:

Photo Credit: Google Images

I had a blindingly perfect autumn day:

I was thrilled to see the dedications to John A. Roebling and Washington Roebling, a father and son who designed (John) and oversaw the construction of (Washington) the bridge.

AND, equally important, the tribute to Emily Roebling (Washington’s wife) who had a major role in the bridge’s completion when Washington was incapacitated.

Yes, this is the same image but I love the quote so much I am including a closer-up version:

“Back of every great work we can find the self-sacrificing devotion of a woman.”

Now back to the complete un-Sandy-ness of the day.

There is no blue like the blue of a fall NYC sky.

The Freedom Tower rising in Manhattan.

This thing was built to last.

Not going to let a young wench named Sandy mess with this 129 year old survivor.

This bridge was in my line of sight the day I got married on The Brooklyn Promenade in 1992. Now that I have walked it, this solid, beautiful, and functional structure does indeed leave me “wordless.”

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