Hello Jodi! … and Jeff … and Jenna … and Nick … and Steve (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

In My Car

They have all been in my car with me

(This list includes the most memorable)

Jodi Picoult

Jeff Shaara (he is there now)

Emma Donoghue

Bill Clinton

Jenna Bush

Ken Follett

Jimmy Carter

Steve Martin

Lisa See

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

AJ Jacobs

Laura Hillenbrand

Karl Marlantes

Kathryn Stockett

Elizabeth Edwards

Tim Russert

They come in hard plastic cases with little individual plastic sleeves

They come in flimsy cardboard boxes with innards that open out in the oddest of ways

They come to my iPod and send their signal through a cassette adapter

They entertain me

They inform me

They disturb me

They keep me awake on long drives

They quadruple my reading capacity

They give my mind phrases to savor, like:

Hope, Patrick knew, was the exact measure of distance between himself and the person who’d come for help. (Jodi Picoult in Nineteen Minutes)

Me, alone but in the finest of company, devouring audiobooks as I drive.

(This poem was in response to a Mama Kat prompt: Write a poem about your favorite place to be.)