Wordless Wednesday (Kung Fu Girl Edition)

On the last day of my September 2012 visit to New York City, I spent the afternoon here:

Where the guest was President Obama:

Then I saw this:

And I indulged in a favorite city pasttime, walking 20+ blocks back to my bed and breakfast:

I avoided getting my shoes soaked until the very last block:

But that was okay because there was one more delectable experience ahead, a glass of Kung Fu Girl Riesling:

And an enjoyable chat with Katie and her coworkers at Foragers City Table:

While enjoying this appetizer that deserves much more than the common name of “chips”:

(I don’t remember all the ingredients but there was meyer lemon zest and sage along with the potatoes.)

New York is such a delicious city, rain or shine!

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ps – gotta give a shoutout to @DaveMTheWineGuy. I don’t even know him (yet) but I tweeted him and said, “I had this great wine in the City and don’t remember the name. It was a Chardonnay, maybe from Washington State, involving martial arts and the word “boy” in the name.” Somehow his magic wine expert mind whirled into gear and he nailed the Kung Fu Girl Riesling (yeah, I know – not a boy, not a chardonnay) immediately! Thanks, Dave! (His blog can be found here.)

Wordless Wednesday (Salty Pimp Edition)

I am not proud to admit that I had forgotten that address numbers get larger the closer you get to the East River in New York City, but once a security officer pointed me in the right direction, I stopped walking around in circles and found my destination, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East Village. I wanted to experience for myself what all the tweets from @biggayicecream had tempted me with for months.

A fun place…..

With fun toys…..

And fun boys…

Watched over by a glittery unicorn….

I got the Salty Pimp after asking, “if I only get to come here once, what should I get?” My mobile phone picture doesn’t really do it justice…

 But theirs will make your mouth water:

Photo Credit: Big Gay Ice Cream

And that is how I ended up wandering the streets of New York City licking a salty pimp at midnight. A combination almost as rare as a unicorn!

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Wordless Wednesday (Toloache Edition)

During last month’s trip to New York City, my friend and I followed a local’s tip and ended up at Toloache, a Mexican restaurant.

We were watched over by her:

While my friend ate this (Camarones Toloache):

 And I chose to pass on the Chapulines (Dried Grasshoppers!) and enjoy the pork tacos:

With a side of fried brussels sprouts with queso fresco (yum)!!!:

While I hydrated with this:

Thank you, Toloache, for delicious food and lasting memories.

Gracias, Toloache, por la deliciosa comida y recuerdos duraderos.

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Wordless Wednesday (Lunch in Bryant Park Edition)

 Delicious memories from a recent lunch in Bryant Park, NYC!

Come to think of it, why are French Fries French?

 Vegan Forbidden Rice and Black Eyed Pea Salad with With Grilled

Asparagus and Garden Vegetables.

Photos taken at the Bryant Park Grill Cafe.

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Wordless Wednesday (Potato Head Edition)

My husband asked me to pick up some yukon gold potatoes at The Fresh Market.
I knew I had crossed some “blogger-head” line when my first reaction to this:
was to whip out my camera and proclaim
“‘YES!’ a potential Wordless Wednesday post”!
What have you done for the sake of blogging that is out of character for you?