Getting All Dressed Up When There’s SOMEWHERE To Go!

Big Skirts and Even Bigger Hair Prom 1982

Big Skirts and Even Bigger Hair
Prom 1982

Shopping for prom dresses has come a long way since the early 80s. When I brought the mail in recently, I noticed a prom dress catalog addressed to my 17 year old. Two things in that catalog screamed “prom dress shopping is a whole different game now than when you did it”:

1) the styles, and

2) the prices

As the parent of a 17 year old daughter, I fully understand that style differences are a hallmark of the mother-daughter relationship (at least at my house). And I suppose proms are inherently different now than they were 30 years ago. The young people are more sophisticated (at least appearance-wise); the “prom” is often more than dinner out and a dance; there is so much more to take into account.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised at the sticker shock I had when I leafed through that catalog but I couldn’t help being taken aback.

I am happy to learn of “Dress First,” which has a variety of prom dresses, many of which still honor the young lady that underlies all of that nascent sophistication, at reasonable prices.

I realize it is futile to guess what my daughter would like but from a mom’s perspective, here are a few I think she would look great in!

Dress One


 Dress Two

I have to admit that I found more than one frock that I would love when exploring the Dress First site!

This dress, for example (in a different color):

Dress Four

 Or this dress (if I had the physique for it!):

Dress Three

In my perusal of the Dress First site, I found myself lost (pleasantly) in the varieties of dress styles, fabrics, colors, and concepts. That’s even before I got to the shoes, accessories, and reception/favor items! (I have a big wedding “stuff” fixation so you can imagine my vicarious thrill on a site like this!).

Prom dresses (and the process of shopping for them) as well as the shopping process in general has changed since my prom days, but the need for plentiful (and affordable) choices remains the same.

Consider Dress First next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect dress!

(In closing, one more lovely image; the top half of this dress resembles a whole bunch of sketches/ideas I had when I was a teenager/young adult. Although I ended up having a small relatively casual wedding, I still love a beautiful dress…..)

dress five

NOTE: I was compensated for this post as a part of the Sverve Blogger Community. The opinion is my own (and yes I love the dresses!).

Wordless Wednesday (#StyleMeMarch – Week Four Edition)

Week Four of the “#StyleMeMarch” challenge from Hilary Rushford of the Bow Ties and Bettys Style Blog had me digging deep — into my closet and into my imagination.

Here’s the entire month’s plan:

Week four started last Wednesday with “so my city” day. We love our institutions of higher learning here in Tallahassee. I donned my garnet and gold, and topped off the day at boot camp climbing the stairs of Doak Campbell stadium over and over, reliving decades of FSU memories.

Thursday was “hair accessory” day. I didn’t go out and buy anything new; I don’t have a lot of “accessorizing” options for workday hair. But it was the perfect day to give an homage to the unsung hero of my active fitness life: the humble little “Effortless Beauty” headband.

I usually only wear one at a time, of course! But they keep the sweat and my bangs out of my eyes. They do their job, day in and day out, with little fanfare. So thanks, rainbow of knit headbands, for helping me stay fit (and for occasionally actually coordinating with my outfit).
Red Hills Cross Country Equestrian Course

On Friday, our theme was “your least expensive piece.” Next to the number of run-related tshirts I own (enough to clothe a small army), I own a lot of Florida Healthy Kids and KidCare apparel. Here’s one:
Saturday was “fresh faced” day; that was perfect since the day was a typically active one for me. It started with me lacing up my shoes for a 9.7K race (wearing one of the aforementioned coordinating headbands!):

and flowed* into yin yoga at Journeys in Yoga for Journeys’s fifth birthday party:

Sunday was “saw on a style blog” day. The best I could do was to incorporate tangerine (or the closest I could get); I have been reading a lot about how tangerine is the “it” color this spring (here’s one example):
Along the way I learned about other spring trends, and now I see them everywhere – peplums, huge florals, nude shoes.

Monday was “layer over/under a dress” day and that was another one that I found pretty difficult. None of my dresses and separates really lent themselves to layering, so I went with this dress/sweater combo.

When I read that today (Tuesday) would be “statement necklace” day, I knew immediately what I would choose. It may not make the biggest fashion statement, but I love this cross I bought in Guatemala last summer. I almost didn’t get it — as the trip wound down I was trying to conserve quetzals (Guatemalan currency) but I am so glad I made the relatively small splurge. I love it and it reminds me of the people I love, especially Silvia and Estela who we sponsor through CFCA.

I’d like to thank my coworkers for getting in on the “#StyleMeMarch” fun:

Beth’s Hair Accessory
Beth’s “Least Expensive Piece” Day
($5 tshirt/$6 overshirt)
Beth’s Accessories for Least Expensive Day
(Handmade by a Young Friend!)
Beth’s statement necklace (from Quarter Moon Imports
of Tallahassee).
 Karen’s “Dollar Store” Socks for Least Expensive Day
($1 for 5 pair – Fifty Cents Per Sock!)

It has been a lot of fun playing with these clothes and accessories, and rediscovering a few neglected items stuck in the dark hinterlands of my closet, but hands down the best part has been sharing the #StyleMeMarch fun with my coworkers. Thanks ladies for playing along – we may not have big budgets but that doesn’t mean we can’t have big hopes for looking great!

*little yoga joke!