Just in time for spring: prAna cotton clothing! #prAnaSpring18

I received two pieces of clothing from prAna for this review. All opinions are my own.

I was getting my nails done recently, and the woman in the chair next to me struck up a conversation. She complimented me on my shirt, a prAna Tilly Top I shared before. Ever since I received that shirt, it has become a frequent go-to. And given that it elicited a kind word from a complete stranger, it looks good too!

I am excited to be partnering with prAna again, this time to focus on their decision to focus on using 100% organic cotton.

I have two pieces of cotton clothing to share.

The Yvonna Tee

This Yvonna tee was perfect this past weekend as we traveled to Riverview (Florida) for my in-laws’ burial of ashes. It was pretty and comfortable, with enough decorative touches that I felt a bit more dressed than I would have in a plain tshirt, especially since it was Easter Sunday.

On the way home…

A closer look…

Closer detail…

The Kornelie Tank

After all that traveling and emotion, what I really need is some yoga.

While I would like to envision myself here:

Photo Credit: prAna

…. I suspect reality will be a little less exotic (but no less relaxing). When I finally get around to it, picture me inhabiting this tank, in savasana.

A closer look…

Even closer…

Want your own prAna?

My readers can get 15% off their prAna purchases when they buy online and enter the code GGPK18 at checkout.

Thank you prAna for your sustainability efforts (and for gorgeous, useful clothes!).


Sustainable Clothing for Your Busy Days: #WhereDoYouprAna

I received two pieces of clothing from prAna for this review. All opinions are my own (although my cat pitched in her thoughts too!). 

Two months out from the end of our time being caregivers, and I am slowly remembering how to savor the sheer freedom to come and go as I please, and to do a few more things that matter to me.

I enjoyed wearing my two new pieces of prAna clothing recently as I went on a small adventure (and also when I checked out a new location for a favorite food cooperative here in town).

Rocking My Message

Recently, I went to see 9 to 5 the Musical at Theatre Tallahassee, after which I had a mission. I had a very special rock to hide! (If you’re unfamiliar with the rock hiding craze, here’s more info.) I needed something pretty enough to fit in at the theatre and comfy enough to stand up to my rock-hiding expedition.

Sustainable ClothingThis particular rock was in honor of the You Matter Marathon (read more about it here). As you can tell, I was holding it upside down in one of the pictures — but I kind of like the reminder that things sometimes just get turned around but the message is still a worthy one. And I doubt the ducks will find the rock BUT maybe they’ll bear witness to the recipient’s joy when they find it!


And About the Cat

Sustainable Clothing

New businesses are popping up all over Tallahassee, and I was excited to see that a fave food co-op, New Leaf Market, had opened a new location on our north side. After happy hour with my girlfriends recently, I popped in to check it out! Among all of their natural, organic options, I was impressed by their pet supplies. Bella would be too (she’s in charge, after all!). Don’t you agree I deserve to sit back with a bit of our local (also awesome!) Lucky Goat coffee after she gets into the catnip? This prAna top is perfect for exploring a food co-op then relaxing with some delicious coffee.


More about prAna

I have let my clothing game, which was pretty anemic anyway, slide over the past three years when I have been working from home and caregiving. I enjoyed these awesome pieces prAna sent me — they were a perfect blend of fashionable and functional.
prAna focuses on creating sustainable clothing, and says their goal is to create apparel that will get you through your whole day, no matter what that brings. The lavender piece I wore to the theatre and park is the Tilly Top, which is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester blend burnout lightweight jersey knit. I loved the lace insets.
The rose top I wore to New Leaf is the Penelope Pullover, which is made from organic cotton and a polyester blend lightweight jersey knit. I love the fact that it is Fair Trade Certified™, meaning that the factory where it was made meets criteria regarding safe working conditions, equal treatment for women, and more.
Learn more about prAna’s approach here:


A Special Discount For You

I am excited to share this discount code with you! Use it when you order something from prAna, and you’ll get 15% off your purchase (the code is good through October 3). Sustainable ClothingTo learn more about prAna, visit their website here. They’re also all over social, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

How about you?

What qualities do you look for in clothing to get you through a typical day, looking good and feeling comfortable? Are sustainability and fair trade practices factors in your choices? For me, prAna gets gold stars for all of that and I encourage you to check it out for yourself (and remember to use your special discount code MHMPK15 to save 15%!).
Sustainable Clothing