If The $500 Fairy Visited (A Mama Kat Prompt)

This week, I chose a Mama Kat prompt that allowed me to dream, for at least a few minutes. The prompt is:

If I gave you $500 today, but you could use it for only one purchase, what would you buy and why?

Source: www.morguefile.com

Source: www.morguefile.com

There are three things I would choose from if $500 were placed into my hands right now:

Option One:  Pay down debt. The $500 would only put a small dent in what we owe but every single dollar toward being able to breathe again (emotionally) is a dollar well spent.

Option Two:  Send my mother in law on her dream trip to Rome. I know $500 wouldn’t cover the whole thing at all but it would be $500 closer than I am now.  At 78, her stamina to negotiate an overseas trip like that probably isn’t infinite. I hate to give up on this dream. I wish I could have found a way to save up for it, to win it (I’ve entered plenty of contests), to repay someone who has meant so much to me.

Option Three:  Travel to Guatemala to visit our sponsored child, Silvia. At 18, her time in the sponsorship program is limited (it ends when she stops formal schooling). The guidelines regarding sponsor/sponsoree contact after sponsorsSilvia (the mom), Tenley, Me, Silvia July 2011hip ends are strict, and it is unlikely she and I will see one another again. I want to look her in the eyes, give her a hug, wish her a lifetime of happiness, and thank her for what she has meant to Tenley and to me. $500 would cover the cost of a Mission Awareness Trip with the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. There would still be the issue of airfare, and getting Tenley there, but $500 would be a start.

Thanks, Kat, for the opportunity to dream out loud (or on screen…..or whatever this is!).

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