Caught in the Act (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

It is Mama Kat prompt day. Here’s my prompt:

If Social Media died tomorrow, describe another hobby you might get into.
If you are reading this, I am guessing you are least mildly pro-social media (or you are a social media hater who is being punished by being required to read blog posts written by people you don’t even know). If you’re like me, you would feel pretty bereft if social media died tomorrow. How would I fill the time?
The hobby I “might get into” is something I am already “into” but I would probably be able to focus on it a bit more if I weren’t blogging, Facebooking, or Tweeting (or DailyMiling or LoseIting or my latest, IDoneThising). I would do more acting classes, volunteer more with the FSU Film School, and dabble more in live theatre.

(One of the things I do as a volunteer is help find locations, such as this “teenage girl bedroom”.)
When asked, I usually say that I started hearing the siren call of acting and filmmaking when I got tired of sitting in the waiting area while my kids auditioned for FSU Film projects. I decided “I might as well audition too!”. Then my friend Duane reminded me that I had, after all, played Sue Ellen Ewing (from Dallas) in a high school production back in 1982. For some reason it does not surprise me that I have totally blanked that out of my memory bank!
(No more Sue Ellen Ewing for me; I have moved on to a respectable “career” in the faux medical field!)
I have so much to learn about acting and am frequently in the presence of stellar amateur (and some professional) actors whose talents stun me. What I do know is that I learn something about myself each time I audition or am fortunate enough to be an extra or actor in a production. And I walk away, without fail, mystified at the paradox of how pretending to be someone you are not somehow brings you closer to who you really are.

BONUS! I guess it is fortuitous that I wrote a prompt about the “end” of social media the same week the comedy sketch that satirizes Facebook, in which I was an extra, was released on YouTube. Here it is (fyi it contains language that will make some of you want to press play immediately and some of you want to skip it!)