Got Five Minutes for 2010?

This #Reverb10 prompt by Patti Digh and I found each other right when I was starting to think about how I wanted to process this year via my blog. I loved it right away:

 Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

I will admit a few things up front before I set the alarm and do my “five minutes.”

1) I read the prompt at least a week ago, so I have had some time to let the ideas germinate in my head.
2) I plan to tinker as little as possible with the product of my five minutes, so don’t be surprised if there is (gasp!) unconventional grammar. Spelling mistakes, however, would give me too much cognitive dissonance so I’ll have to fix those!
3) I may go back in and add links if I refer to past blog posts or topics.
That being a mom is my most important life’s work. That my daughter takes my breath away when I see the woman in her coming to be. That my son makes me see the world in new ways with each day. That I am glad to have been married 18 years to someone who is faithful to me and vice versa, and that he and I are friends. That through my writing, I was able to deal with old “stuff”. That I was more honest with myself about who I really want to be, and the fact that I am not “there”. That I got closer to the three goals I have written down and carry everywhere with me – going to Guatemala, being “the Big Green Pen,” and being my kids’ main driver.

That it is sad to see my father in law aging in front of my eyes –

That I loved running with my son at Breakfast on the Track and St. George Island. That I loved discovering yoga, swimming, biking and RealRyders.

That I still seek a spiritual guidance and want that for my family.

That the oil spill made me sick – that and racism, prejudice, and hatred.

That having a love as a teenager who turned out to be gay is the best thing that ever happened to me from the standpoint of being empathetic. That he and I are still friends.

That work is something I have to come to terms with – will I always be doing this or is there something different/more/better that I can do with reverence?
That I love proofreading and so appreciate Rhett, Donna, and Barbara for entrusting their works to me (Senator McKnight as well).

That I don’t like shopping but I love big splashy wedding stuff (still). Why do they always show SuperNanny now instead of “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” when I need an escape?!

Soapbox Derby with Wayne Kevin, and the Soap Box Derby Family.

Time’s up.
I am grateful for Dan Rockwell’s reply to me when I commented on his “Spotting Blind Spots” post last week. In his reply, he said: 
“Your transparency both challenges and encourages.”
I hope the “five minutes” thing was truly just an exercise – the kaleidoscope of images and memories of 2010 run the gamut from heartbreaking to exhilarating, but in all their intensity I want to keep many of them in my memory bank. 
The #Reverb10 project aspires to reflect on this year and manifest what’s next. I encourage you to spend your five minutes, too, to say goodbye to 2010 in words.  What would make your list?
Photo Credit:  Salvatore Vuono

Wordless Wednesday (The Thrill of the Hill)

The All American Soap Box Derby is this week in Akron, Ohio!
A celebration of our local Soap Box Derby Racers and Supporters.
Building (2008):
Ready for “The Thrill of the Hill” (2010):
photo credit Frank Feliciano
RACING (2010)
photo credit Frank Feliciano
The pull of gravity + the energy of a child = the fun of Soap Box Derby!