It’s 4 AM – Do You Know Where Your Sense of Adventure Is?

Hello Sunshine!
A hard drive crash the same night that Tenley had to complete a major English project, along with several other obligations, has brought me here to the laptop, needing to get to bed but wanting to share this weekend’s experiences with you.  The biggest highlight of the weekend:  participating in the Worldwide 4 AM Project, in which people all over the world capture their view from the 4-5 am.  (Oh how I wish I could have joined the Times Square group!)
The highlights included:
Making a difference:
For the cure
Tiffany at Magnolia Gate sells me a pink ribbon “for the cure”!
Feeling Unconquered:
Doak Campbell Stadium and the Unconquered Statue
Thinking “What-a-Night”:
Don’t know their names but I do know they don’t recommend my 14 year old go to Florida State.
Discovering that being camera-shy evaporates quickly:
Camera Shy Much?
A Tallahassee Democrat Deliverer Preparing for Her Route
Appreciating a Quiet Capitol Morning:
The Old and New Capitols
See my blog about my 4/4/10 4 am project here,
It was a special treat to have my friend and neighbor, Deb Glotzbach, along for the fun!
Anyone can do 4 am pictures; just tag any pictures you have taken between 4 am and 5 am, on Flickr, with “4amproject”!

My “4 am Project” Blog

Looking for the magic on 4/4 at 4 am!
I wonder if there is a “Blogging While Fatigued” equivalent of “Driving Under the Influence.”  If so, the beautiful thing is the worst thing I can do is not make sense; no one will get hurt!
A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing mentions of “The 4 AM Project” appearing on Twitter.  The goal of the project, now in its second year, is to capture images of the “magical” time of 4 a.m. worldwide (technically, the time window is 4 a.m. – 5 a.m.).  I can’t put my finger on what attracted me to this — it certainly wasn’t the prospect of losing sleep!  I think it was the “world-wide-ness” of it.  And as I prepared for bed last night and exchanged messages with people in London and other European cities who were taking their 4 am pictures, then again this morning as I exchanged messages with the Canadians who were just getting their chance, I felt a cool kinship with these people who I am unlikely to ever meet. 
Here are a few images of my project:
1.  Setting up my blog!
2.  Uh-oh.  I don’t think my humble point and shoot camera is going to excel at dealing with a foggy Tallahassee morning. 
3.  I think it’s so cool how the newspaper landed in a way that showed “Passion Play Marks Easter” face-up.
4.  I had bigger plans to rig up some bunny ears or something on this sign, as if the Easter Bunny was peeking over the sign, but decided to let the sign speak for itself. 
5.  As it turns out, he had already visited the Waffle House (where I also played with my food and met a biker-guy (but camera shy) fellow customer).
6.  But the highlight for me was meeting manager Bruce and Server Stephanie (who wrote out a pretty cool check complete with illustrations and a Happy Easter greeting):
7.  Stephanie had been nice and helpful during my entire visit.  But when I went to leave, I left behind a little stuffed bunny that I had thought may end up being a prop on my outing but I had not ended up using.  I told her to keep it or give it to someone who she thought needed it on Easter.  That’s when she said, “well, I have three kids.” 
And that’s why, despite my enjoyment of interacting with people in Great Britain, Bangalore, and Toronto, the most “magical” moment was the one I had with Stephanie, meeting another hard-working mom who just wants to make her kid(s) smile. 
I’ll “run” into you next week, readers!