Peyton Manning tried to be anonymous, but …

I had a celebration (September 10 was my two-year anniversary as an editor at SmartBrief) and a lesson learned (don’t try to attend two simultaneous online conferences without getting your other work covered) this month.

These were my favorite stories:


I love the fact that Peyton Manning tried to make this donation anonymously. The world needs more giving that’s done just for the sake of doing a good thing rather than gaining attention.

Business Transformation SmartBrief

A reader sent me a less-than-positive message about the poll question in this issue that corresponded with this story (Will state and county fairs recover after the pandemic?) Maybe I failed to convey the connection, but fairs are about more than cotton candy and fried Oreos. In the case of Los Angeles County, the Fairplex is a nonprofit that serves the L.A. County area year-round. According to its website, the Fairplex “provides more than $2.7 million in tax revenue, and an additional $5.8 million from Fairplex-related events.” Business transformation isn’t just about big corporations making more widgets; it’s about businesses serving communities in a way that is economically advantageous.

International City/County Management Association

Full stop … this is my favorite type of story (and admittedly I have a few favorites). If my family sees this, they’ll say, “Yep — mom would totally clean a storm drain twice a month for a T-shirt.” It wouldn’t be about the T-shirt, though. I love efforts that bring communities together. It’s why I was a part of this.

SmartBrief on Leadership

Editing SmartBrief on Leadership is a rare privilege for me — something I get to do when the regular editor is out. One line in this Entrepreneurs article that we summarized is, “Everyone has a role in how we reach racial justice in this country.” It’s so true.

National Association of Social Workers

The bill this article talks about is the John Scott Hannon Veterans Mental Health Care Improvement Act. The article discusses the “invisible wounds of war” and features a picture of Hannon’s family, survivors of his death by suicide. Thank you, veterans, for your service. I only hope our country gives you the mental health care you need and deserve.

National Emergency Number Association

Dennis Schlies showed incredible professionalism and focus to keep working as a dispatcher even as his own home was burning and he didn’t know the whereabouts of his wife and the older adult in their care (the humans are safe now; the house is not).

Reserve Officers Association

Having grown up a Navy kid, I’m a sucker for a meaningful military ceremony. I love the visual of the fire trucks spraying this KC-46A Pegasus in greeting as it arrived.

Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society

I love how one of the winners of a Breakthrough Prize got the idea for the discovery that led to him winning a prize in mathematics by thinking about “how a droplet of water will spread across the surface of a napkin.”

UN Wire

“Learning is not a crime, and neither is living — on the contrary, these are rights,” said a high school student from Niger who addressed the United Nations Security Council. I strongly agree.

About National Inclusion Week

Last week was National Inclusion Week in the UK (SmartBrief’s parent company, Future, is based in the UK). As part of the week, we were encouraged to make videos about what makes us included at work. Here’s mine:

About working at Future/SmartBrief

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The tweet I sent on my SmartBrief anniversary. I’m so grateful to be a part of this organization.

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