Mia Sofia is changing families’ tomorrows

Mia Sofia is changing families' tomorrows


Tomorrow, March 23, 2020, is a very special day. It is Mia’s birthday.

Mia Sofia is the daughter of my friends, Jelina and Erik. Jelina gave birth to Mia last year on March 23, but Mia had died in utero.

I have never seen two parents so determined to keep their child’s spirit alive — in such a gracious way and a way that helps other families too.

Jelina and Erik have worked hard since March 23 of last year to raise funds for Cuddle Cots so other families who need more time with their babies who will not physically survive can have that time.

Here’s what I wrote last year about Mia and the effort to fund more Cuddle Cots.

This year, Erik and Jelina are asking us to do an act of kindness in memory of Mia, and also to wear lavender and lemon yellow, colors that were part of Mia’s decor.

The self-isolation most of us are practicing amidst this pandemic is going to force us to be a bit more creative than usual with the acts of kindness we choose.

I have decided to find the bartenders/servers named “Mia” on the DC Virtual Tip Jar and make a donation of $3.23 to each one, and to let them know it’s in memory of Mia. It won’t alleviate their biggest financial woes, but it’s something.

I hope that “something” illuminates their day the way Mia Sofia brightened our lives without saying a single word.

I know her mother, dad and little sister Emma will bask in the glow created tomorrow by all the people who show love for her.

Mia Sofia is changing families' tomorrows

Other things that are happening on March 23 to honor Mia

Aren’t these lemonade bows perfect?

Mia Sofia is changing families' tomorrows

They’re made by Little Royal Designs. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of each bow will go toward purchasing a Cuddle Cot for Lakeside Medical Center. I plan to give the one I bought as a gift, but it will find its way into an Instagram post tomorrow before I pass it on.

This is the plan:

Mia Sofia is changing families' tomorrows

There are families facing tomorrows they don’t yet know about when they will have to say goodbye way too soon. Thank you, Mia and family, for the difference you are making for those tomorrows.

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14 thoughts on “Mia Sofia is changing families’ tomorrows

    • Thank you, Diana! I love Jelina – she’s an amazing teacher (as she was to my daughter as her dance teacher). And don’t worry about having to correct the amount. I had it as $3.24 up until my last proof of this blog! Hopefully good intent is what matters most ha ha.

  1. Tragedy brings out the best in the best people! This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for your compassion and kindness.

    • It does. My mom lost a baby under relatively similar circumstances in 1963. Back then, no one really talked about a baby who had passed that way. It is not easy, but it’s so important to everyone involved to keep their memories alive and acknowledge how much they were loved.

  2. And sometimes things do not work out,
    and we are left to wonder why,
    to rail at God, to scream and shout,
    and in the end we stop to cry.
    And sometimes someone must be gone,
    to serve God’s plan, what could it be
    that He had to take the one
    so precious to you, and to me?
    And sometimes we must dry our tears
    and in remembrance walk our days
    and weeks, and months, and lonely years
    still sending Him our heartfelt praise.
    And sometimes walking hand in hand,
    we’ll find peace we cannot understand.

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