3 Fabulous Women to Follow on Twitter

The #WomenToFollow project compiled a list of 1,000 women (and growing) worth following on Twitter. People were invited to nominate three women. Although I could easily think of 30, these are my three nominees.

Elizabeth Vargas (@EVargasTV)

I have followed Elizabeth Vargas for years, as many of us have, due to her prominent role as a TV news personality.

Elizabeth Vargas’ Twitter Avatar

Her book, “Between Breaths,” is a candid, intense read about the peaks and valleys of her life. She discusses her experiences of anxiety and addiction, and her plan going forward. I recommend the book and the woman.

Also, she responded to one of my tweets once, which went over pretty big with me!

Follow her at @EVargasTV.

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (@TheRaDR)

Rabbi Ruttenberg is a relatively new follow for me. All I can say at this point is that her tweets are among the many in my stream that often make me stop and think.

Like I wrote above, this Twitter follow is pretty new, but this tweet captures what I think I am going to experience by following Rabbi Ruttenberg:

Follow her at @TheRaDR.

Tinu (@Tinu)

I have known Tinu on social media for so long now. I can’t remember when we started following each other (although I do know I owe the connection to the Spin Sucks community, which named her a #FollowFriday feature all the way back in 2011).

Tinu’s Twitter Avatar

The reasons she comes to mind are numerous, but here are two:

  1. She “got it” when I was DMing her on Twitter when my father-in-law was hardly sleeping (and therefore I was hardly sleeping). I just needed to discuss micronaps with someone, and she was that someone.
  2. She’s the only person I know whose posts such as Biopsy Hilarity┬áreally ARE hilarious. And educational about so many aspects of cancer. And real. So many “ands.”

Follow her at @Tinu.

The real power behind The #WomenToFollow effort is the wonderful @RoseHorowitz31, so give her a follow also! Stacey Kratz (@heykiddo) is also involved in curating the list. Here’s how you can be involved:

  1. Tweet your three nominations to Rose and Stacey using the hashtag #WomenToFollow, and
  2. Subscribe to the list of incredible women!

Note: I know my blog has some odd spacing before periods, etc. I’m trying to figure this out. Just follow these wonderful women for now; I’ll keep plugging away at resolving this! – pk

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