The Simple Gift of Friendship

Simple GiftHolidays 2018 have been characterized by disorganization on my part. The tree just got put up yesterday (December 22). The stockings will (hopefully) get put up tonight. I have precisely two more hours (possibly) into which I need to squeeze the rest of my shopping.

My son’s gift was airfare for the trip he is currently on. My daughter’s requests had to do mostly with practical choices rather than things that will go under the tree. I have been pushing myself to finish some commitments that resulted in late nights at the keyboard instead of leisurely early evenings decorating. (Oh, and the cards just got mailed yesterday too. Some of my usual recipients are going to have to get New Year’s cards instead.)

Therefore, when my sweet friend asked if I could get coffee today, my first inclination was to beg off, citing all of the “not done” items on my list. One of those items? Spending an hour(ish) doing my blog (since I rarely miss a Sunday).

But you know what? The keyboard, the screen, and my opinions will be here 365/24/7 as 2019 rolls around. Time with good friends is fleeting. I spent last Christmas Eve in the ICU wondering if my mom would survive (she ultimately didn’t, and passed away the following February). That experience brought home the importance of prioritizing those who are most important to us.

I’m off to have coffee with Sandy. Blogging can wait.

Simple Gift

I’ll see you next Sunday, when I’m sure I’ll have an opinion to share, reflection to publish or cause to espouse.

Why not pick up the phone and reconnect with that friend or relative you keep putting off?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone.

This post is based on a Kat Bouska prompt, “Share a quote you love.”

Simple Gift


6 thoughts on “The Simple Gift of Friendship

  1. Today, as I sat worshipping in church, you came to my mind. I have no idea why except that our pastor mentioned being diligent about saying no to things we know should not be added to our to-do list. Here’s my rabbit trail. His statement made me think about the article l wrote about
    The Graceful No which you edited. Then I thought how much I wished we were friends. Then I wondered if we were friends would you be a truth teller and really honestly critique my writing. And then I thought if we were friends I would want to have coffee dates with you and talk about writing. Then I thought, here I am full circle. You would have to gracefully say no to me for demanding your time. Even though I wouldn’t do that. I just think it’s hilarious that I just read your blog and what is it about? Being a friend. A good friend.

    So forget what I just said. I still want to be your friend.

    • Here’s what I love about this, Jane — that I came to mind for you! I most definitely consider you a friend, and I am pretty sure time management would make way for us to share coffee together. It will happen sometime! <3

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