Five Minute Friday: POTENTIAL

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Prompt: POTENTIAL

I ordered a new 2018 AP Stylebook. I could have chosen “slightly used” or some other flawed option and paid less money, but this is enough of a professional necessity that I decided to pay full price.

And yet … it arrived imperfect

The vendor blames the postal service (probably true). They offered a full refund if I would send it back (undoubtedly through the same postal service) or a 30% refund if I would keep it.

Maybe it was laziness that led me to keep it and not send it back.

As I kept using it, though, the imperfect version grew on me.  The information inside is no different than it would be if the cover were perfect.

I look at that crimped cover and think of people full of potential who aren’t given a chance they deserve because people can’t or won’t see past cosmetic blemishes and poor first impressions.

Our stories take longer to tell, and are richer/more nuanced, than our outer shell lets on.

*Note – written on my phone – I am at a conference and didn’t want to delay joining everyone at the FMF linkup. I am literally “all thumbs” for this one!

Five Minute Friday

13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: POTENTIAL

  1. I love this analogy ALOT. Damaged goods are still valuable. How it looks has no bearing on what can come from it. Yes, book or person.

    • Exactly. I could have framed this differently (needing to be more assertive with the vendor, to try to get my money back etc etc etc and honestly this flaw DOES make it a little difficult to OPEN the book, which is a problem (LOL)) but it sits there by where I work and kind of “speaks” to me. 🙂

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