Five Minute Friday: RAIN

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Prompt: RAIN

When I went grocery shopping at Publix recently, a little voice in the back of my head said, “take the umbrella.”

It’s not, of course, uncommon to have an unexpected deluge here in Florida in the late afternoon, but I often think “I can sprint to the car” if it’s raining.

Not that day.

Between the time the automatic doors swished open and the time I got to my car, the skies had opened up.

I must have looked *hilarious* trying to juggle the groceries (being especially careful not to drop the wine!) and the umbrella. I didn’t do a very good job because I came out of the process soaked to the bone.

I took a picture (from inside the car) to share a humorous tweet about the inevitability of the daily shopping trip (specifically the car-loading portion) intersecting with the daily downpour.

I could just share the picture here, but I think it’s important to keep the ability to craft images using only words. I’m a pretty visual person, so that’s always been a challenge.

This day, the rain seemed bent on invading every thread of my clothing. I suppose it’s good that I had gotten plastic bags (I usually ask for paper) because paper would have deteriorated in the rain and I would have run the risk of dropping all the groceries (did I mention the importance of protecting the wine?!).

The umbrella was blowing inside out because it was so windy. I did get my phone in the truck (priorities) because a waterlogged phone was the last thing I needed.

***end of five minutes***

My head was trying to embrace the “isn’t life an adventure and isn’t it a privilege to be holding all these groceries, to not have to worry about where the next meal will come from?” angle but my annoyance was winning out, I must say.

What I know beyond a doubt, though, is that I had a dry home to which to return and a roof over my head, not to mention the ability to laugh at my “misfortune,” so my annoyance abated almost as quickly as a Florida afternoon thunderstorm.

Five Minute Friday




12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: RAIN

  1. hi paula, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF. i can identify with those FL rains. i lived in south FL for my childhood and quite a few years after as well:) we spent our summers in Tallahassee while my parent got their master’s degrees during the summers during the late 1950’s. i just remember how hot it was there…with no beach:( great post:) had to laugh thinking of those sudden rains. we also lived in JA for 7 years. used to happen there too:)

    • Hi Martha. These Florida storms ARE consistent, aren’t they? (Leading me to wonder why I don’t take the umbrella every single time!). When my kids were little, we knew to go to swimming lessons no matter how black the sky was, no matter how much thunder and lightning — because inevitably the sun would be out 5 minutes later. Crazy!

  2. While in NYC this summer, we managed to avoid rain. That is until the last day. My sister and I are at the Bronx zoo and it’s pouring! We had to buy a $15 umbrella. Your story made me think of that day.

    • THE BRONX ZOO! What a wonderful place — I want to hear all about your adventures in the city. I’ve bought a *few* last minute umbrellas in NYC! I hope you had fun and hope my story brought back a happy (if sodden) memory.

  3. Nothing to do with rain. but I do remember dropping the wine.

    It was in the kitchen; while I cleaned up the broken glass, the dogs cleaned up the merlot.

    Tasky (coonhound) and Daisy (half-hyena, half Pit) were wandering around with silly grins, bumping into each other and burping.

    Hallie the white German shepherd found that she could not walk forward, so she backed herself into a corner and barked, furiously.

    And Jolly Tulip the Pit Bull climbed onto the dining room table, cleared it completely off, and went to sleep.

    Thus, the Great Canine Wine-Tasting party

  4. Oh my Paula! I could picture you slogging in that rain to get everything in the car as if I was there with you! Sorry, had to giggle a little only because I’ve done the same thing! Thanks for reminding us to count our blessings! Cindy

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