Five Minute Friday: LOVED

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Prompt: LOVED

I’ll be honest, readers. I am feeling disconnected from this prompt.

As any of us (all of us) writers know, however, writing is among the best of the methods of finding connection again.

It would be easier to write about things I love, but things I loved or times I personally felt loved seem elusive right now.

To tackle them one as a time, though.

I was reminded of something I loved today when I saw the modifications someone had made to New York City subway and mass transit stations to honor Aretha Franklin (especially to (appropriately enough) the Franklin Street station). I mentioned to someone on Instagram how that made the millionth (roughly) reason I love New York City so much.

It reminded me of the day after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, when all of a sudden rainbow hearts and memorial messages appeared on ad panels. Within 24 hours of a tragedy, a city I love (see, NYC will never be just “loved” — it will always be “love” applied all its artsiness and awareness to show solidarity to another city experiencing its own crisis).

Five Minute Friday

Times I felt loved …… I suppose a tangible way to point that out is this laptop I’m typing on. My son somehow tracked down a refurbished laptop with faster processing speeds and a blessedly large 17-inch screen for Mother’s Day. On his college freshman budget. When he surprised me with it, I felt loved.

*** end of 5 minutes ***

Love now, loved then, to love in the future. Thank you, writing (which I have always loved) for doing what you always do — getting me closer to my true self.

Five Minute Friday


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: LOVED

  1. I love your story, Paula. It sounds like you are in New York City now. I hope you have a wonderful time! Your son is a gem! If there was one prompt I would have lived to write about, it is this one. Unfortunately I am loved by family visiting from hundreds of miles away, so I am showing them tgrg are loved in return.

  2. Your comment about NYC is “love” not “loved” is so insightful. I love NY for the same reasons, and you… You are loved by all of us who read and appreciate you. xoxox, B

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