Five Minute Friday: ANNIVERSARY

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Prompt: ANNIVERSARY

Trash talk.

That’s what my husband wants for our 26th anniversary on August 8.

Perhaps I should explain.

Our trash is usually picked up on Tuesday mornings.

This past Tuesday, I was working in the other side of the house. It’s odd enough for me to have him home during the day (this is probably a hint for how a retirement could go, although I don’t have much faith that we’re ever going to be able to stop working at the rate things are going….). I like the house to be perfectly quiet while I work, because it takes concentration and has strict deadlines. He was home to take care of a few tasks.

BUT … I hear him: “Hm, that’s weird.” And he’s clearly perplexed.

He comes to talk to me: “I know you’re on deadline but did you perhaps forget to pay the trash bill?”

This is a perennial issue in our home (because it happened once before). I think we have auto pay. It turns out either we don’t or some complication happened because I didn’t give them the new number when our debit card was re-issued after being compromised, or something.

I put off the resolution until my deadline was over.

When I had time, I called WastePro. I emailed WastePro. Nothing.

I finally did reach them the next day.

(Full disclosure: I did have one paper bill that I received a while back, but I disregarded it because of the auto pay I apparently didn’t have….)

Customer Service: “Okay, pay [amount] and we’ll get you set back up.”

I give them my routing #, etc., to pay.

She comes back on the line: “Oh December’s payment didn’t go through either.”

Another round of routing and account number. Rinse and repeat.

***end of five minutes***

The WastePro rep said we would have our bins back in 3 business days. Yay.

Meanwhile, Wayne and I were discussing dinner plans last night. He wanted a plain ham and cheese sandwich from Publix. BUT he wanted me to check our mustards at home to make sure there was one that had not expired. He planned to heat his sandwich at home so didn’t want Publix to put condiments on there.

I arrive home with his sandwich.

When he finally goes to heat it up: “What was the mustard situation?”


Yes, I had forgotten to check the mustards (turns out we had one that was fine, by the way).

Two strikes.

When the trash can situation occurred, he was more amused than I was.

“You should blog about this,” he urged.

“Not in the mood,” I said. “Why don’t you do a guest post about it if you find it so funny?”

I guess one thing about being married (almost) 26 years is that you learn there are times your spouse just wants you to acknowledge that you heard them and gave their idea consideration.

Well here you go, Wayne, a little anniversary trash talk.

(This is the text I sent him with the good news that our trash bins had been returned to their rightful place at our curb.)

Five Minute Friday


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