31 Days (155 Minutes) of Five Minute Free Writes

Since Wayne’s dad passed away, I have been actively working on paring away the time commitments that detract from my ability to contribute to the family’s bottom line.

For example, I have said several places that I plan to focus more on writing opportunities that are compensated.

The 31 Days of Free Writes October Challenge, though, won’t let me go.

I guess I may say, on November 1, “Well, that was almost two hours of my life that would have been better spent chasing down paid writing opportunities.”

However, I appreciate the Five Minute Friday writing community that led me to this challenge, and honing my writing skills five minutes at a time can only be constructive.

Many of the writers are choosing a specific theme. I tossed that idea around in my head. I could, for example, focus on caregiving as a way to test my idea of writing a book about my caregiving experiences.

I don’t want to be that constrained, though, so for one hour and 55 minutes (over 31 days), readers will just get whatever that prompt inspires that day.

Here are the prompts:

Writing Community

And I’ll come in and link up each day after writing.

10/1 Worship

10/2 Tell

10/3 Create

10/4 Hope

10/5 Trust

10/6 Story

10/7 Hold

10/8 Truth

10/9 Plan

10/10 Listen

10/11 Remember

10/12 Write

10/13 Invite

10/14 Try

10/15 Remain

10/16 Read

10/17 Grow

10/18 Share

10/19 Brave

10/20 Discover

10/21 Give

10/22 Light

10/23 Work

10/24 Revise

10/25 Because

10/26 Change

10/27 Overcome

10/28 Connect

10/29 Follow

10/30 Refine

10/31 Rest

(And to those of you who subscribe to my blog, thank you first of all! I am sorry this is going to multiply the number of emails you get from me for a month. Feel free to ignore them and meet me on November 1 when I’ll return to my regularly scheduled weekly programming.)

Writing Community

5 thoughts on “31 Days (155 Minutes) of Five Minute Free Writes

  1. I’ve been thinking about this and looking at other link-ups, but keep coming back to this one. I figure the prompts give me something concrete to write about, and since I know I could spend five minutes wandering around the internet, at least I’ll have something to show for my two hours. 🙂 Nice to meet you, neighbor!

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