Five Minute Friday: PLAY

Welcome to this week’s “Five Minute Friday.” Our instructions, via creator Kate Motaung: “Write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.” Today’s prompt: PLAY

I remember so vividly the exhilaration of rolling down a hill. The grass smelled just-mown. There were giggles all around as other people rolled down the hill to the point that they were dizzy.

I was on an outing with NYCares, a volunteer matching group. I had agreed to join a trip to take “underprivileged” kids outdoors. I can’t ever remember where we went — somewhere away from the City.

My child companion’s name that day was “Precious.” As we drove along, I started thinking of how I could  have a part in her life. Maybe I could help with homework, give the family items they needed, take her on more adventures.

Why did we start rolling down the grassy knoll? Because we could, I guess. I remember the absolute exhilaration, not caring about being dirty, barely caring about ending each downhill trip dizzy. Just the feeling of truly “playing” and not worrying about anything else.

Of course I figured out rapidly that there would not be a place for me in Precious’ life. I was there for one afternoon of her life, to play with her.

I guess she would be in her mid-30s now. I wonder where she ended up. Does she still (ever) feel as playful as we felt that afternoon?

Do I ever feel as playful as I felt that afternoon? Rarely. The expenses, the challenge of relating to people I love and like (and some I don’t!). It can be a drain. Coming off of three years of caregiving, I am amazed at how quiet the house is. It is hard to remember that I can, for the first time……..leave the house without making sure Dad is taken care of.

Five Minute Friday

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18 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: PLAY

  1. I’m glad you had that time to play with Precious for an afternoon. Play is good for the soul I think. It sounds like right now you might need some rest. But maybe in time there will be some more play. Something more lighthearted and fun to bring refreshment and happiness.

    • Aw, thanks Andrew. I have thought about that kid so often over the years. Thanks for stopping by. I’m about to start working but will visit your post later today. <3

    • There’s something REALLY special about a perfect fall day in New York. This image has remained in my mind for decades. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Paula, What a fun prompt. I think of playing kickball in the front yard with a bunch of neighborhood kids. Those were good times. Seriously, though, we should associate some type of play with adulthood…. I’ve become way too boring!!!

    • Adulthood definitely lends itself to snuffing out play. Fortunately, we can all do something about that!

  3. Hard to feel playful as the stress of adulthood and responsibility come upon us. I will pray for Precious and for you as you transition from caring for your dad to being more independent!

    • Thanks. I guess I could have anticipated it would be a jarring transition, but …. it’s a jarring transition. We had forgotten how to walk out of our own home without contingency planning. (And I recognize for many families with members who have various issues, that is a perpetual issue, not just three years.)

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