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I had a great time at the Miami International Auto Show as part of the #ChevyPlayMiami team, and during the extra day I stayed in Miami Beach to spend time with my son. There are so many experiences and images to talk about!

One of the most interesting exhibits at the auto show was the “Cars Meet Art” exhibit, featuring creations like this Porsche Targa GTS with art by DUAIV:

Uber Driver Wisdom













The trip wasn’t just about what we saw. OneΒ of the most interesting things that was said to me came from one of the many Uber drivers who got Wayne Kevin and me around Miami Beach and Miami. His name was Alfredo, he is a youth minister, and one of the reasons he drives an Uber is to support the church run by his family in El Salvador (be still my heart!). My son was talking about his dream car, and in the midst of a trip to Miami Beach I didn’t anticipate taking until very shortly before it happened, doing a blog-related event which involved a refreshingly different focus from my usual, right there on some street in Opa Locka, Alfred uttered these words of wisdom:

Uber Driver Wisdom

This is true, Alfredo. This is true!

Do you have a dream you have parked and allowed to become dormant?

Maybe it’s time to rev it up!




20 thoughts on “Uber Wisdom

    • Isn’t it amazing? This little interaction was just …. a very bright spot ….. Alfredo did not have an accent at all (he has lived all over) so I don’t even know how we GOT to the El Salvador part (except that it was meant to be!).

    • I agree. Traveling with your children also teaches you a lot about your relationship (this was my first time in a while traveling solo with my son). Turns out he is a little less high strung about some things than I am (LOL). I want to hear ALL about Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh that’s so cool! I hope it wasn’t difficult for you; I think I have to learn more about making my images easily pinnable (?). I need to somehow tweet Uber to try to let them know the inspiration one guy gave!

    • Rena, the art cars were STUNNING!!!!! There are many more on my FB page — feel free to visit. As for the zillion other cars we saw once we left the car show and I was just basically tagging along while my son oohed and aahed – I need him to help me label everything! Unless the label is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. πŸ™‚

  1. I mostly stick to yellow cabs and traditional car services here in NYC, but the most outstanding ride I ever had was with a driver who had actually just won the lottery – not the top prize, but enough money to take his family back to their own country and retire comfortably. He was so happy, and if my ride was any indication, he spent his last day as an NYC cabbie just driving people around for free – I tried to pay and he wouldn’t take my money!

    Now, the lottery is in general kind of an underhanded poverty tax – some poor people spend so much money because they really think they’re going to win, but this was still a lot of fun.

    That’s quite a car – I wonder if you could actually drive it around without causing crashes as people turn to stare? πŸ˜€

    • Definitely give it a try. I think Uber is one of those things (like everything in life) that requires you to be a wise consumer. It has its pros and cons. That said, there’s NO WAY my son and I could have gotten around Miami so effortlessly and affordably without it. We had taken a bus from Tallahassee to Miami, and renting a car would have been a complication (there was no easy parking near our lodging, for example). I think you have to throw away all of your preconceptions of cabs/taxis — with various directional capacities of uber drivers it is more of a “partnership” (i.e., you can’t assume they know how to get where you are going and/or they will be completely dependent on gps sometimes). Maybe I should do a post! But definitely try it. (Here’s a link that will enable you to get your first ride free BTW: https://get.uber.com/invite/paulak749ue ). Lastly, one of the big “pros” is interactions like the one that led to this post!

  2. I use Uber and Lyft regularly here in SF and while I have mixed feelings about some of the politics surrounding Uber in particular, I appreciate that these companies have enabled others to make an income in a way that wasn’t previously available to them. I have talked to so many drivers who’ve told me about dreams & goals they have and how driving for Uber or Lyft will help them get there.

    • Thx for sharing, Keisha. I feel the same about the politics of it all (BUT I also think the sharing economy is here to stay and Uber is a prime example (Lyft too — I just haven’t ever used it). I also LOVE the freedom from tipping – from the math, from the process of trying to make a subjective decision about the service …… the ability to just walk away is so different and kind of freeing.

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