Join Me at the Miami International Auto Show! #ChevyPlay

“I know you don’t care.”

My son, Wayne, says some version of “I know you don’t care” pretty much every time he tries to explain some fascinating feature of a sports car or takes the long way in a parking lot because, “look it’s a [insert make and model of some AMAZING (to him) car here]”!!

While it is not true that I don’t care, it is true that I don’t speak an advanced form of “car.” I am excited to get a crash course (pun slightly intended) at the Miami International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center as an ambassador for #ChevyPlay!

Chevrolets From Old to New

In order to warm up for the Auto Show, I visited one of our local Dale Earnhardt Jr locations today and got up close and personal with one Chevrolet which was born before me and one recent model.

Auto Show Giveaway

I wonder what stories this ’57 BelAir could tell!

In addition to admiring the pristine ’57 BelAir, I took a test drive in a 2015 Malibu LTZ. I’ll bet whoever owned that BelAir first could not have dreamed they would be able to start their car with a press of a button, from the comfort of their home, and have it ready to depart by the time they arrived in the driver’s seat!

Auto Show Giveaway

Note: Thank you to Richard Burkart, Client Advisor at Dale Earnhardt Jr, for his help!

More To Come At The Miami Auto Show!

If you will be in Miami November 6-15, make plans to visit the Miami International Auto Show! Details are available via this link. In addition, you can learn more by visiting Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

My other ambassadors such as CoolChillMom, Miami Mommy Savings, and I will be doing ticket giveaways also! Here’s Cool Chill Mom’s Instagram Giveaway. Here’s Miami Mommy Savings’s Instagram Giveaway, and here’s mine. (We will each be giving away two tickets!)

I am also excited about the November 12 Twitter Chat at 7 p.m. ET for #ChevyPlay! This will be another opportunity to win show tickets and prizes!!

This will be my first Auto Show since the Detroit Auto Show in 1994! That was before social media, before I had kids, before this 21st Century had begun! I can’t wait to participate in this project. My son will be joining me for the public parts of the show, and I am thinking we can zoom to a more mutually shared joy of all things automotive by sharing time together at this event!

Auto Show Giveaway

I will receive compensation in exchange for participation in this campaign. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Join Me at the Miami International Auto Show! #ChevyPlay

  1. Paula, I have a husband who (if we had the funds) would rival Jay Leno in his addiction to automobiles. I learned very early in our relationship to carry on a basic conversation in “car-speak”. (if we lived closer to Miami I’m sure we would attend, too.) Have a great time and enjoy bonding with your son. 🙂

  2. Have fun. I love an auto show. I love the sales pitches, what features are emphasized to whom, the enthusiasts, the wishers, the practicals.The love of driving on the open road is an American badge of honor.

    • Thanks, and I agree re: Miami! Not everyone here in North Florida feels that way. I see that as their loss! Although the vendors in Miami grow a little weary of my attempts to practice my Spanish LOL.

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