Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

One fun thing about being part of the fitness community is the constant flood of new things to eat/wear/use to make us faster, healthier, more effective. In today’s post, three items I have recently been introduced to and my assessment:

DBelt Pro

The DBelt Pro is part of the DBelt collection. Named after one of the company’s founders, Danielle Etienne Raphino, the DBelt was developed in an effort to “create a multifunctional fitness apparel accessory that was so sleek and modern it could be as comfortably, and confidently, worn outside the gym as in.”

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

What I liked about the DBelt Pro:

  • Freedom from buckles and clasps. The DBelt Pro has a velcro closure. There is plenty of velcro to secure the DBelt. Lack of clasps/buckles makes it lie flush against your body.
  • The colors. So many running/fitness accessories are black or neutral. My DBelt Pro is red. There are other vibrant color choices as well:
  • The compartments. There is a small zipper compartment, a second small compartment, and a larger compartment with a secure velcro closure that can accommodate an iPhone6.
Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

DBelt Color Options

Features of the DBelt Pro that weren’t a good fit for me:

  • Sizing. This isn’t so much a downfall of the product, but of the sizing for particular uses. I ordered a medium, which was a perfect fit if I used the product as pictured on their website, but when I wore it on my hips as pictured, it bounced too much. I moved it higher on my waist and secured it with safety pins. In retrospect, I should have gotten a small (or maybe even an extra small) for running purposes.
  • Velcro vs. Zipper for the phone compartment. I strongly prefer a zipper compartment for my phone. The velcro on the phone compartment is very grippy but a zipper is my personal preference. I can’t afford to take any chances with my phone.
  • Hand Washing Required. The tag says the DBelt Pro should be hand washed. Mine was so sweaty after my first three runs … I am not sure hand washing is really going to address the drenching a fitness accessory gets after a Florida summer run.
  • Durability. After three uses (during hour-long runs), the 95% polyester/5% spandex fabric on my DBelt Pro was showing significant signs of wear. As a result, I have some reservations about durability.

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

The DBelt Pro retails for $49.95. For more information, visit their website here, check them out on Facebook,  visit them on Twitter, or follow them on Pinterest.

Here’s a pic of the DBelt Pro in use:

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!


ZIG is a just-add-water portable protein shake. Each package has a single serving of premium whey protein powder sealed inside. The user adds water, shakes, and drinks. It is designed for use as a pre or post workout protein fix or a healthy snack between meals.

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

What I liked about ZIG:

  • Convenience. The ZIG packaging has everything you need (except the water) and is safety sealed to protect the ingredients until you are ready to prepare your protein drink.
  • Flavor. I don’t think I have ever met a chocolate “anything” I disliked! I tried chocolate and vanilla.They were both tasty, but I preferred the chocolate.
  • Protein. 20 grams of whey protein in one six-ounce drink is a plus!

ZIG features that weren’t a good fit for me:

  • Packaging. By designing packaging that weighs 80% less than many pre-packaged protein shakes, ZIG states that results will include reduced gasoline consumption and pollution, and reduced CO2 emissions. While that is true, the jury is still out for me on the environmental impact of the portable plastic packaging, including the “Mixing Mesh” enclosure.

ZIG is currently available on Amazon via this link. (Through June 30, use this code to buy 1 get 1 free: ZIGFF620.) For more information, visit their website here, check them out on Facebook,  visit them on Twitter, or double tap on Instagram.

I refueled with ZIG after a recent run:

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Stereo Headphones

I won a pair of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Stereo Headphones from a Verizon Wireless #ConnectedLife twitter chat MONTHS ago. I put them in my closet, honestly on the premise that I wouldn’t be able to figure them out.

In retrospect I don’t know why I hesitated!

These wireless headphones have quickly become one of my favorite running accessories (and, for the record, it took about five minutes to figure them out!).

Product Reviews: Trying New Things!

What I like about my Jabra Sport Plus wireless headphones:

  • Cordless. Seriously. Isn’t it amazing how a tiny little thing like the cord from your earbuds to your phone/iPod can be irritating as heck during a run? I love this freedom!
  • FM Radio. I took a quick walk Friday morning, and was easily able to tune in to NPR to listen to my usual Friday morning programming. Such a simple thing but so convenient!

Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphone FEATURES THAT aren’t A GOOD FIT FOR ME:

  • Zero, Nada, Zilch. I haven’t found a downside yet!

Jabra Sport Plus wireless headphones retail for $99.99 and come with a three month Endomondo premium subscription. For more information, visit their website here, check them out on Facebook,  visit them on Twitter, or follow them on Instagram.

Have you made any new discoveries that enhance your fitness life lately? I’d love to hear about them!

**Note: I was provided the DBelt Pro in exchange for my review. I was provided the ZigDrink products in exchange for my review, as a Fitfluential ambassador. The opinions here are totally my own.

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  1. Thanks for your review of these running products! I would like to supplement your concern about the dbelt pro’s velcro mechanism for the phone pocket. I was wearing my dbelt pro this morning during a run. When I pulled it down to get the scratchy velcro of the waistband off my skin, my iPhone 6 came flying out and onto the pavement. Needless to say, your concern about zipper vs. velcro was correct, and my wallet is $80 lighter! I hope this comment will be helpful to your readers; I would hate for anyone else to have this experience.

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