Dancing Through Life, Defying Gravity

If you want a summer to fly by, make sure your college-bound freshman signs up for early move-in. It’s a guaranteed way to make June and July evaporate as quickly as you can say hot, hazy, and humid.

Tenley and I had several conversations over the last few weeks in which we discussed whether or not I am sad. I had so much fun in college, that I am mostly happy … for her embarking on her life as a young adult, for the memories she will build, for all of her tomorrows.

Am I sad? Yes, for the things that didn’t get done, for the things I wish in retrospect I had done differently, for times when worry, distraction, or misplaced priorities interfered with me giving my family the full attention they deserved.

Happy or sad, I know one thing. I am full of love and hope for a young woman who is deeply treasured.

cp boathouse

New York City, Central Park Boathouse July 2014

18 thoughts on “Dancing Through Life, Defying Gravity

  1. good luck to both of you! college was amazing and i hope tenley has a fabulous time! i was just sharing some college stories with M tonight, as he was insisting he never wants to go to college and instead will stay 5 forever.

  2. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your thoughts. I’m sending this to my sis-in-law, who is experiencing exactly the same events and feelings.

  3. I just went through the very same thing. My Teenager is Marching band so early CheckIn is required and I felt like the summer was just ‘poof’ gone. It is truly so bittersweet….

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