#7QT – Blogging Beats Cleaning House

Although I don’t participate in #7QT every week, I am a sucker for doing it when I receive Christina’s weekly #7QT in my email, especially when I am procrastinating cleaning house, which is what I really need to be doing. This post is probably borne of rather self-centered motives (needing to procrastinate the housecleaning, needing to process some things) so thank you for reading anyway!

— 1 —

Housecleaning Avoidance. The aforementioned housecleaning issues. Call me very slow on the uptake or to come to the realization, my operating premise that if I just work hard enough, I can bring in enough income to have a housekeeper again is seriously flawed. After all, I left my job on May 2 and am not bringing in any income. Theoretically, that should free up lots of time for housecleaning but who has time to clean when there’s a #7QT to write? Right?

— 2 —

Elders Regressing. The parallels between raising a young child from infancy and taking care of an elderly relative as their health declines present themselves to me daily. With a baby, you are so excited about every new development, knowing that is going to lead (eventually) to their independence. With an elder, you are so saddened by every new regression, knowing that is going to lead (eventually) to their continued dependence and lack of autonomy.


— 3 —

Speaking of the caretaking, show me, I challenge you, one person consuming “Boost” or one of those other “nutrition enhancers” who matches the vitality on their commercials. In our case, my FIL needs the nutrition because he eats so poorly so we will gladly hand him almost anything with calories and nutrients. But I feel very dubious about the product’s ability to help him “Stay Strong, Stay Active.” I would go for strong and active enough to be able to open their funky packaging!


— 4 —

My and Tenley’s trip was such a fun time. We both love New York City and we both certainly loved getting to meet Tenley Albright, after whom she is named, in Boston. How fortunate we were to have that time in those places.

tenley fireworks

— 5 —

What should I guest post about? I will be guest posting on The Writer Revived later this month, and I am undecided re: the topic. I am pretty sure (based on the thoughts kicking around in my brain) that it will be related to the “elder care” issues we are currently experiencing but I am open to others!

— 6 —

It’s fun to cook! I love baking but have been doing less and less of it. When my Triberr tweeted out About A Mom’s recipe for Lemon Buttermilk Blueberry Pie, my local television station tweeted “make us one!” As it turns out, About A Mom is in Augusta, GA, so she can’t easily come down to Tallahassee but I have taken on the challenge. I love the measuring, the following directions, the final product. I can’t wait to deliver it to its intended recipients (I did mini phyllo versions since they are going to a television station and it seemed like minis would be easier to pass around).

blueberry tart

— 7 —

Flying high thanks to Anna.  Anna is running America (www.annarunsamerica.com) to benefit Wounded Warrior Project and Team Red White and Blue. When she was given a skydiving excursion for her birthday, she chose to give it to a veteran (Robert Covington). Click this link to watch what happened! (I love the joy in his voice!)

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5 thoughts on “#7QT – Blogging Beats Cleaning House

  1. Procrastinators of the world unite! (And then sweep because we hate when we get cookie crumbs and spilled sugar stuck to the bottoms of our bare feet). 🙂

    • Oh my gosh Cristina, FLOORS are the worst! I hate cleaning them and hate walking on disgusting ones. Definitely a Lose Lose rather than a Win Win! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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