Wordless Wednesday (Cade’s “11” Edition)

This past weekend, I ran with a superhero. The only feet touching the ground were mine, but I was not a “solo” runner.

I was running with 200+ of Cade’s friends.

The occasion was “Run the 11th Mile for Cade on Mother’s Day Weekend

A compilation of images from my run is below. I kept hoping for signs: “superheroes,” the number 11, things that would symbolize Cade, who passed away at the age of nine in 2010. As is often the case with life, I really didn’t find much until I was on my cooldown walk, when I stopped trying to force something to materialize:

Cade Collage

To learn more about Cade, visit his CaringBridge page here.

This event went from a “why don’t we?” idea on Facebook to what I am pretty sure is going to turn into a recurring event. If you’re interested, let the group know via the event page.

cade plaque

crafty spices

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Cade’s “11” Edition)

  1. What a great thing to have done–does holding up 10 fingers mean you came in 10th? Congrats on completing the run -you are a winner for just having run it!

  2. I am an avid runner and will from now on think of Cade on my 11th mile of every long run, 1/2 marathon and marathon. What a wonderful tribute to someone taken far too early.

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