Our Salty Spring Break (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

One Mama Kat prompt this week was “things to do in your town over Spring Break.” My post is not really a list of things to do, but more about the fact that each family member’s spring break will be “salty.”

My son, if it is up to him, will be firmly parked here, engaged in his own kind of as”sault” (sigh):

My daughter will be beachside with friends, planting one of these in the sand and dipping her toes in the “salt” water:

Spiker Beach Beverage Holder-spiker, cup holder, beach cup holder, beach cell phone holder, Spiker Beach Beverage Holder

Spikers from M&M Monogramming (They Ship!)

Hubs and I? At the “salt mines,” every single day.

Image Source: Lugubrious Drollery

Image Source: Lugubrious Drollery

Maybe I need this kind of salt to handle this year’s spring break:

Source: Yelp

Source: Yelp

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