Wordless Wednesday (Grateful to Greensboro Edition)

For 30 years, the small town of Greensboro, Florida, has hosted a 5K race the morning of every 4th of July. I have enjoyed several of these races. The small town “Americana” feel, the ride in a school bus out to the starting line in the middle of a cow pasture, the post-race breakfast, the children wearing themselves out at a bounce house are just some of the images that flash through my mind as I reminisce.

Tomorrow is the last time that the Greensboro race will be run; apparently the organizers have decided that it is time for this tradition to end.

I won’t be at tomorrow’s race, but I am certainly sad to see it go. It holds a special place in my running memories.

I can only find one picture from Greensboro. This picture reflects the respect and reverence with which all things American and all service people are treated in Greensboro, on July 4 especially.

Thank you, Greensboro, for the spectacularly Southern memories. 

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