I Love This Thing! (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

My Mama Kat prompt this week is:  Share one of your favorite things (inspired by Jenbshaw).

I am not a huge Brookstone shopper. The prices are usually too elevated for my taste and there just isn’t much there that I feel I can’t live without. With one exception: my awesome Brookstone keychain!

My brother-in-law, Jim, got himself a Brookstone keychain years ago and loved it. Several years later, after numerous broken nails and plenty of frustration trying to transfer keys and gym/frequent shopper tags to and from my keychain, I splurged at Brookstone.

You do have to get the key onto its split ring the first time. After that, it is extremely simple to take off an individual key (as well as to put it back on). And I take keys off a lot – if I am running a trail or participating in a race and need to have just my car key with me; if I am leaving the car with a valet (well, that doesn’t happen super-frequently but ….); if Wayne and I are switching cars and trading keys; if I am leaving the car at a mechanic.

I am sure I overpaid for this keychain when I bought it at Brookstone all those years ago, but it is one of those items in my life that I truly think, “Gosh this was one of the best things I ever splurged on” every single time I use it

Thank you, Brookstone, for helping me to unlock a bit of routine happiness daily.


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